A longing for something different

For the more than this competition.

When I was a child we couldn't have been closer but time forces people apart, circumstances change, people change and boredom can be one of the worst forces for change there is.


5. An unexplored world- Melanie

Now I’m here it feels as if the candyfloss tangle of thoughts I had before I travelled have impaired my brain’s ability to absorb information. Usually as soon as I arrive I feel immediately at peace, or I’m too interested in my surroundings to think properly, yet the questions are still here; buzzing around my head like a swarm of irate wasps. I’ve arrived in an industrial moorland. Behind me is a forest- trees scrape the sky in two ordered lines, their skeletal trunks like veins on a haggard arm and their weeping branches all bending to create a gossamer canopy overhead. The grass is incredibly short, brittle and rough to the touch. The ground bleeds white sticky puss which I know instinctively to avoid. The sullen drops of rain which have been falling constantly suddenly become competitive and race each to hit the floor the fastest and with the most power. A gust of wind roughly rotates me and I am carried by a riptide towards the barren wasteland.


In the one hundred mile radius from where I’m standing there is only one structure. Eons ago it must have been a colossal statue of a god now reduced to a pile of eroded rubble constantly threatening to topple. Once a tower of strength, a beacon of light, a source of hope for believers will become a destroyer. The clearly defined limbs, hair and clothes are a distant memory. It has obviously been defaced because the proud, chiselled features have been mined away leaving a vast, black gaping hole.


Without warning an a 30 headed creature descends upon me- extensive knifelike talons dig cruelly into my back and the scent of the purple venom coating them hits my nose like a chemical weapon, her eyes are framed by millions of tiny venomous spiders all preparing poison me. Ghostly faces hover around me and they start to shriek; piercing screams puncture my brain. I flap wildly with my arms to defend myself but only manage to grab a handful of the straggly veins that nest on top of one of her head. I pull violently and the strand begins to ooze blood. The creature yelps and leaps away trying to repair the damage giving me the opportunity to sprint away.


My feet slap the freezing concrete hard; with every step the ground sucks more energy out of me. I carry on and seconds, minutes, hours whizz by in a montage of spectral trees, sodden tarmac, and leaden limbs. The forest I have been running parallel to finally stops but I have failed to run fast enough. More horrific creatures prepare to attack me. 10 robotic horrors, all cloaked almost identically in black, stand united in a straight line blocking my path forcing me backwards.  I try to push past them but to no avail. I start to scream at them, although their faces are completely devoid of emotion and still they keep striding towards me briskly at a pace as measured and even as the tick of a metronome, their soulless eyes focusing in a uniform point right behind my head.


Usually in other worlds I possess the most incredible powers that let me have the craziest, most dangerous, adrenaline fuelled adventures: I can run across skyscrapers made for giants, glide at the deepest depths of the ocean for hours, cartwheel across lava lakes, leap off mountains, fly through tornados and I never feel even a miniscule flash of pain. Yet now I can’t remember how. I imagine myself sprouting wings, levitating and then soaring upwards, until these nightmare drones are no more than tiny black specks, but my feet stay firmly planted on the ground. Before flying was effortless, the idea of having to consciously think about it never even occurred to me, but now the monsters just keep closing in.


I strain to look over the creations’ heads and am horrified as my eyes connect with those of a vicious fuchsia dragon lazily puffing smoke admiring its scalpel sharp claws. With her every breath the fumes of a thousand factory chimneys burn my lungs. I turn my back to the monsters and sprint away towards the sound of grinding metal. In the distance looms a vast mechanical beast so powerful it has gorged itself a path through the solid tarmac. The abominations rush to meet it blocking off all my possible escape routes. I am trapped in an unbreakable web of creatures waiting for the spider. Instinctively I know that ever since I arrived here everything that has happened has been engineered by the machine to slowly drain the life out of me: the claws of the gaunt creatures, the steps of the greedy pavement and the eyes of the robots have all been zapping my energy and transferring it to this monstrosity. It is going to use my own life force to kill me. My only option is to do something so risky and stupid that it will never have crossed the mechanical titans’ mind. Using will power alone I manage to break free of the assembled abominations, before anything can stop me I propel myself swiftly upwards trying to land on the obscenity’s head. I only manage to rise a metre before my strength ebbs away and I plummet straight into death’s path.

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