A longing for something different

For the more than this competition.

When I was a child we couldn't have been closer but time forces people apart, circumstances change, people change and boredom can be one of the worst forces for change there is.


2. A new routine- Melanie

Every morning I used to look out my window and see rain drenched tarmac pock marked with chewing gum, the bleak sky line was nothing more than a cardboard cut out of towering rectangles and the people a blur of skin, coats, and umbrellas. The days passed quickly and painlessly; the temperature and TV schedule were the only things that varied. It would have carried on: different sets of paperwork barley distinguishing the days, the central heating determining the seasons and the burning taste of vodka to the sound of fireworks marking the start of a new year. I would probably have met a nice guy at a party who might have became my boyfriend, we would have gone to cheesy movies and cheap restaurants, had picnics when it chucked it down with rain and antagonized over what pathetically sentimental gift to give the other at Christmas. Maybe in the end we would even have got married, had kids. People say parenting gives your life a real sense of purpose and maybe I could have done with that back then. Chances are that I would have split up with him at some stage; I would have discovered that he had another woman or got fed up of endless rows, but I would have had children who loved me and I think that would have been enough, then.


But I chose a different path or at least a different path was shown to me- one which I couldn’t resist. Now I can go into a different world whenever I choose. It is so simple and much better than anything in a children’s book- unlike a magical wardrobe I can transport myself whenever and wherever I am, I don’t have to fight evil witches or make friends with twee animals or learn about Christianity. I don’t even have to bring anyone else with me because every journey is unique to me. The only disadvantages are that I can’t choose where I go and I never go to the same place twice which means every time I travel I have to hope that I’ll find a new unexplored paradise.


It doesn’t make filing papers and answering calls any more bearable but at least I have something to look forward to and unlike a boyfriend I know it won’t disappoint me. Portals only last once but it never ceases to amaze me how something, which, even in my poky flat, is as insignificant as one grain of sand on a vast beach, has such incredible power. Who would have guessed that the ability to be transported to magical places isn’t created by god or magic but by people in a lab? I have to be careful though- technically travelling to other worlds is illegal and the punishment for even owning a portal can be brutal.  I really don’t understand why. It isn’t dangerous. Of course people do get hurt but that’s only when they try and interact with the normal world when they’re in a Utopia.There aren’t any long lasting health problems even if you use enough to transport you five times over.

The real reason using portals is illegal is that the government can’t afford people to be achieving enlightenment in their own world when they could be working in the normal one. For me travelling to other worlds gives me a sense of fulfilment. It’s something everyone needs but it can be incredibly hard to achieve. Some lucky people get it from religion- the idea that when they die there is something more. They believe in a paradise after death. I’m not that naïve- I know that if I want to visit paradise I have to seize the moment and do it now because even if heaven exists there’s no way I’d be accepted.

The government think that by making it illegal that they have solved what they view as a problem and it’s true that compared to its golden age soon after its discovery that very few people use it. Fifty years ago it was rife and enjoyed by the most influential celebrities of the era. The most touching and seemingly nonsensical songs, abstract and expressive works of art and cutting edge fast paced novels have all been inspired by the other worlds.


It’s a personal experience and not something people are usually brave enough to talk about. It’s common for people to loose their job if people discover they have travelled even once. It’s hard to get used to the normal world when you’ve experienced heaven. The first time I tried travelling I realized that I had been seeing life on the ancient black and white television we had when I was a child- there were only two channels and every time you changed the screen was a furious, incomprehensible mess of zigzags but now I can upgrade to an HD 3D full colour flat screen with the thousands of channels offered when Sky is the limit.


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