The walking dead my style

I'm 17 living in a messed up world where people eat people o well I live in a hospadle with my husky named Molly on our Gerry I will meet 5 epic people

This is my first book soo ya


2. Day 2 (the boys)

I woke up in the moring to a loud banging noise I shook Molly awake "Molly lets go" we quietly walked down the hall I pecket out the front dore to see 5 boys fighting of 6 zombies I toke out a knife "die you motherfuckers" I screemed and stabbed one in the head It fell dead I looked at the boy with stripes he he was butterball his blue green eyes his toned skin his hair I was mocked out of my day dream by a zombie it got on top of me trying to bite me it nilly got my neck when the guy with the strips roped it off and shot it I got up slowly "wat" I said "umm nothing well I'm Louis and this is Harry Liam Niall Zane" Louis saisaid 



A/N so that is all I'm doing for to day bye

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