The walking dead my style

I'm 17 living in a messed up world where people eat people o well I live in a hospadle with my husky named Molly on our Gerry I will meet 5 epic people

This is my first book soo ya


1. Day 1 (Molly)

I'm siting on my bed tacking out a can of soup "Molly come have dinner" I called she ran in and jumped on my bed "shhh clam down" she nodded she is a very smart dog after dinner I through the can out the window I curled into the hospadle bed " Molly do you think shit will get better" I wisped she snorted "hay I'm not crazy" I said I slowly creeped in to darkness 



Sorry for bad English I dont lesen very well

in class so ya and sorry for bad langreg

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