Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


7. Worried and Angry

Chapter Six

Worried and Angry

The four friends were merrily talking as they ventured into the depths of the forest. No one thought about the rising sun, or how worried people might get, or any promises that might be at risk, or the problems their new friendship would cause. They weren’t thinking about anything, not even what they were talking about, but they all knew what to say.


“Where is my son? Where is Allias?” the king roared reminding the head Gaven of a lion. “Childe is missing too, Thaddeus. She and Allias probably went for a walk in the forest or the markets are on today.” She tried to cheer him up but it wouldn’t work.


Most parents would be worried their daughter had run away, but not Selire; he was angry, he couldn’t take anything lightly now. Where had his daughter gone, what would his people think, would the dragons still see him fit to rule, if not who would take his precious throne? All at once his head flooded with questions he couldn’t answer without more flooding in and taking the answered ones place.

“Uuugh” he grunted There was absolutely nothing that would keep his daughter away from her beloved sword, or any weapon. What had he done? Yes, he had made her fit to rule but hadn’t he thought what might happen when she was older? Now she wanted to fight in the upcoming battle against Lenne hadn’t he thought about the future? He could have left her to play with dresses and all that stuff every other girl did and waited until now to teach her so she would rather play with the other girls and only learnt how to defend herself if needed but he couldn’t resist. It all seemed his fault. But it wasn’t, that was why he was angry, why he was pacing the length of his weapon filled office thinking about what to do, what he would do, but he hadn’t the slightest clue.


“Oh no!” Iva’s voice burst out of the peaceful silence, “I need to go, I wasn’t supposed to leave the tower, my father will kill me!” She grabbed a bunch of flowers off the edge of the path and ran off, sword clanking against her thigh, Hahn, her scaled shadow of a dragon following her close behind.

“Why did she take the flowers?” Maia asked curiously but no one could answer that.

“Well we should get back home too, my father’s probably worrying his head off.” Allias muttered So they walked off through the forest towards the stone turrets of the castle.


“Where have you been?” roared Selire to his daughter, but Iva was sure the Whole island could hear, maybe even beyond that.

“I-I went to pick some flowers.” She stuttered, she wasn’t scared but she was trying to, she just hoped he wouldn’t see through her lie, not that he would. He was cunning just like Iva, but he couldn’t detect lies as well as she could.

“then why were you back so late?” he asked

“I must have fallen asleep when I was near the poppies.” Again she lied

“Well, off with you then!” he said believing every single of her lie soaked excuse. So she went and as soon as she stepped into the hallway she gave the now wilting flowers to a nearby maid and she gladly swept them up to put in a vase on some unnoticeable table in some unused corridor.

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