Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


14. Meeting Althorn

Chapter Thirteen


Sitting at her dressing table brushing her long, wavy, yellowy blond hair for the seventh time, was Isabelle. Her beautiful face was covered in a grimace and her brow well furrowed, concentrating on hacking at the knots in her hair for all her small might. Only Allias would bring her father back to sanity, well, if that was what she wanted and it was. If he didn’t come back she would have to drag him there even if she had to cut off a hand, not that it would be her own of course, she might be desperate but not that desperate, but she wouldn’t be going, she would order a few young knights to go and search. She got up and stormed out of the room, down the spiralling stairs coming down from her room in one of the six turrets of the palace, left; through three unusually empty corridors, and finally to the doors of her father’s bedchamber. She swung them open to find all the business of the three corridors crowded in the one room, all leaning over or as close as they could get to the king in his four posted bed with the red covers wrapped delicately over him. As squished as they were they still made way for the princess to see her poor and weak father.

“I-issab-b-belle, w-wh-ere iss y-your b-b-ro-o-o…” Thaddeus dribbled, his words falling more and more apart until he couldn’t finish a simple word

“Brother, I don’t know.” Isabelle said disappointedly

“M-m worr-ed, b-b-battle i-i-iss t-to-o beg-g-g in-n th-thee-ee d-da-da-da…” but he couldn’t go on any longer

His head fell back against his feather pillow and three warm tears ran down her rosy cheeks and into her trembling, dry mouth.

“P-pa?” she trembled

“Don’t worry dear,” the Gaven reassured her, “he still has a pulse, he’ll be alright.”

She swept down and landed a gentle kiss on his forehead. The crowd again made a path for her to pass through which she did quickly before more tears welled in her eyes. She knew what she had to do even though she didn’t like the idea; she had to find her brother.

The forest was always unwelcoming to those who feared every step they trod in it, but it was worse with Isabelle’s loathing, her constant angry muttering and the way she kicked every tree she almost ran into since her head was bowed looking at the now dismal ends of her long dress; torn and covered in the thing she hated most; filthy, disgusting mud. Her journey had begun dreadfully. Why had she thought she could find her brother? All she was good for was, well looking pretty and being angry.

“Uuugh!” she screamed in annoyance as a big low branch caught at her dress and as she struggled to pull it away the branch made a big rip from her knee down right to the end of her dress.

On she stamped holding the rip in her red dress, her frown sewn to her beautiful face. Past trees and bushes and a large shadowy figure. She took a few careful steps backwards until the shadow was directly beside her and she turned around to see it towering above her, scales shining in the small amount of light from the setting sun coming through the leaves of the forest. Its head moved down in front of her, its green face as blue as sapphires, its eyes as red as blood, it opened its mouth wide enough for Isabelle to see yellowing teeth.

“Aaah the princess, I see?”  he sang in a dark wispy voice his long mouth contorting as he spoke every syllable

“Er, y-yes?” She said, not completely sure what to expect

“What is your business in such a place?”

This Isabelle was sure of, voice still trembling she raised her voice slightly and spoke the words, “I-I came to get m-my brother!”

“Aaah, I see,” his voice distant, “Your father is unwell, he is worried for him with the arising battle, I see your problem.”

“Y-you d-do?”

“Of course, I can see your past present and future, your thoughts and your dreams. I am a dream dragon, not only that, I am your accomplice. We are one. I can although see other peoples thoughts but not as deeply as yours, Isabelle.”

And suddenly she knew this dragon. He was Althorn, a dream dragon.

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