Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


11. Iva's Escape

Chapter Ten

Iva’s Escape

Iva was crying. She wasn’t sad; all she needed to do was trick the guards into believing that all she would do was sulk. She had a plan, all she needed to do was climb out the chimney and hope the guards didn’t realise the lack of tears, then she was free to jump across the rooves of every house as long as no one spotted her. Yes, her plan did have risks, all of her plans did; but that was what made them good ones. The reason she needed a plan was the locked room she was sitting in was, well, locked and this time she couldn’t pick the lock for the guards outside, she couldn’t even jump out of the window for more guards, the chimney was her only choice, the only choice she would bet she could escape through without getting caught in the first few seconds.

Iva didn’t exactly know why she even needed to get out; the room was surprisingly peaceful but there was something missing; she thought it had been the lack of the cool breeze blowing on her pale face, but the more she waited the more she knew that wasn’t it. But the actual reason that she couldn’t stand being in the room, she couldn’t figure out. She had to find Hahn too.

The chimney was black and sooty and as Iva looked up through it flecks of soot fell on her face and into her eyes making her blink several times while tears tried to push the dust like particles out. She put her hands above her while she looked down at the tiles as more soot came crashing down on top of her. She found the old metal bars she had discovered when she was about six and began hoisting herself up and up and up keeping her head bowed low so that she didn’t get her face blackened but it didn’t really help much. There was a slight warmness tickling her back and a tingling breeze picking up strands of her black hair filled with the powdery soot as a result of climbing through the chimney. The turned her head towards the sky, showing a blackened face no matter how hard she tried to keep it from getting that way.

‘A blackened face could hold some advantages’ Iva thought; ‘now no one will recognise me, hopefully.’

She pulled herself out and gracefully stepped onto the red tiled roof, gave her head a little shake taking most of the soot out of her hair and balanced her way across the top of the roof, occasionally losing her footing and sending a tile or two astray, but they never reached the ground.

The guards, it seemed, had only expected her to come through the locked window which would bring her to smashing the colourful stained glass, so they had seated themselves under the small amount of shade of an old olive tree and waited and waited until they heard glass smashing, which they never did.

Iva laughed. She laughed at how easily she had gotten to the outskirts of Dragen Island, she laughed at how easy it was to out smarten the king of dragons, she laughed at her father’s foolishness and his lack of simpleness and at the thought of so many guards being punished for not accomplishing the un accomplishable. No one and nothing could keep Iva behind bars or inside anything for that matter.


Allias was gone, again, that made his father sad and when Thaddeus was sad, Isabelle got nothing, even the servants forgot to bring her meals, and that, in her opinion, was unacceptable. She walked through the endless corridors, back strait, head held high, just as her mother had taught her before she died giving birth to Allias. Many servants bowed and curtseyed as she past, some wishing her a good day others greeting her with a friendly “hello” but all she could muster the time for was to give them a short menacing scowl and soon the greetings were growing less frequent until they had stopped completely.

Isabelle pushed the doors open with amazing force had screamed; “WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST, just because my father might not want to eat, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to!”

And the cooks went back to their cooking, in a few seconds they had a stack of steaming pancakes and a jar of red, raspberry jam. Isabelle took the plate and stalked off to her room. Some days could just be the worst; she had to carry her own breakfast to her room! That was appalling.


Iva kneeled forward, looking down towards Lenne. She had reached the end of Dragen Island, the place where you fall off the ground to get to the ground. She leaned in further and then slowly she fell. She tumbled down, down at a rapid speed until she spread out her arms and legs, the wind caught her slightly too big tunic and sooty hair so that she more so drifted at a moderately fast pace than fell. The air blew into her pale face making it redden as it hit her like tiny spikes. As the ground neared, she forced her hands and knees in front of her just in time to land hardly but safely on a grassy paddock. It wasn’t the best way to land but she had landed on her face, in a corn field, at the top of a pine tree and a lot of other difficult situations. She stood up and brushed the grass off her hands and knees then walked away in the direction she thought the forest was. And she was right, that was the way to the forest.

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