Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


4. Fyre to Fire

Chapter Three

Fyre to Fire

­­­Childe lay on her small bed, red hair splayed under her, almost glowing with brightness in the darkness called night; her feet were hanging two inches off the itch bale of hay she was forced to call a bed. She couldn’t sleep, there was that feeling of being watched that was lingering in the back of her mind slowly seeping through all other thoughts she had and taking over. She just couldn’t go to sleep.

These were the times she and her friends, Allias and Maia, would venture the woods outside the castle walls. There wasn’t anything that could hurt the trio, not even the wolves or any other carnivorous animal. They knew that place better than anyone or anything that lived there, even the darkness that always lingered there got lost and left patches of light here and there.

And that was exactly what she planned on doing.

Maia had been woken from her short slumber and was grumpily standing under her friend perched dangerously on the ledge on the second floor of the palace. It was always her being woken up, couldn’t her friends be a little more thoughtful­­ when they were sleepless, she never woke them up when she couldn’t sleep.

Just past that window and I’m there, thought a shaking Childe shuffling along the ledge that was crumbling, slightly, under her weight. Before she knew it she was next to the window, her foot slipped and the other followed suit, but she had just enough time to grab onto the windowsill and pull herself up.

“That was close…” she thought to herself.

Then Maia came to her mind and she peeked over the edge to see her bored friend looking at the rubble that had just fallen beside her, and she leaned against the window which swung open and let her fall inside the dark room with an audible thunk. Only then did Maia think of Childe.


The princess was asleep in her bedchamber, white-blonde hair flowing around her like white waves lighting up the darkness. She woke up almost immediately when she heard a loud thud, but there was absolutely no one in sight un less she was to look at the long, thin mirror on the wall opposite the window and nothing had fallen, but there was a small cupboard that wasn’t properly shut near the window that which she had left only a fraction open and was now ajar. She got out of her soft bed put on her dainty, silk slippers and slowly creeped over to the box, but before she could get any closer. . .

Childe quickly dived into a small cupboard as she saw someone move on the huge bed in front of her. She jammed it shut, not bothering to pull her hair in with her and it turned into brilliant red flames of fyre setting the cupboard into brilliant flames that both Childe and Allias’ sister were fearing.

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