Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


12. Finding Ferus

Chapter Eleven

Finding Ferus

“What are you doing?” Childe asked the boy who had brought her deep into the forest

“Looking for the opening, and I forgot to mention; the names Xavier.” He said like there were more important things to do; which there were: he had to find the opening.

“Well, why do you need to find this opening?”

“Look, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, in my opinion. But others think differently!” he grumbled  

“Right, and what is it exactly that won’t hurt me?” Childe was curious and no one could stop her from trying to find out any small

“Just worry about what you already know, you’ll have time to worry about the unknown later, as soon as. . .” but Xavier didn’t have time to finish.

Childe had run her hand along the cliff face. It had begun to shake. The whole cliff was shaking violently.

“What did you do? Look at what’s happened now!” Xavier shouted the anger rising in his voice

“There was a symbol, a star with a circle in it, so I touched it and then everything started to shake. I really didn’t mean to.”

“Thank you!” he exclaimed hugging her

That was strange, Childe thought, he had never been that nice to me, he hadn’t even been slightly nice.

“You found the entrance!” he laughed letting go of Childe and turning his head towards the cliff face where a small, white light had appeared just where she had seen the symbol

The light grew and grew until it was almost as big as the cliff face itself. The light was blinding now and almost filled the whole forest. Slowly it died down enough so that they didn’t have to shield their eyes anymore and three silhouettes were visible, two small ones, about as tall as Childe, on either side of a huge one as big as one of the trees in the forest surrounding them, not an extremely tall one but taller than two men.

“We’ve been awaiting you.” Said a deep voice as the biggest creature lowered its head, the voice travelled through the sudden silence. Three dragons stood before them.

Wow, was all that crossed Childe’s mind

The largest was the deepest of emerald, on his left stood a white one like new snow and on his right was a velvety black one with scales shining in the late mornings sun.

“You have a decision to make,” he continued, “you have three choices; this is Tarmaith,” he said nodding to the black dragon, “and this is Formide.” He turned his head towards the white one, and then back to Childe, “What is your choice?”

“Neither, I choose neither!” She was very unsure and hoped the third choice didn’t involve anything to do with fyre but she didn’t let that show as she shouted up at the dragon.

“What are you doing, you can’t chose neither!” Xavier whispered with his teeth barred making him spit in Childe’s ear, but she wasn’t listening her eyes were on the dragon and only on him.

“Wise choice,” he said as he moved to the side revealing a much smaller amber dragon looking up innocently at her, “Wilde Fyre.”

The small dragon slithered forward and the cave melted back into the cliff face with the three dragons inside.

Both Xavier and Childe stared expectantly at the small dragon and he returned it.

“Well?” Xavier asked, “Aren’t you going to name it?”

“I shouldn’t it probably already has one.”

But the dragon looked up innocently and shook its head

“Well then, Blaise.” That sounded like a good name to Childe but the dragon just went on shaking its head

“Then what do you want?”

The dragon lifted its tail and began to spell something:


“Fine, Ferus.” Childe said

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