Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


13. Blinding Light

Chapter Twelve

Blinding light

The forest filled with a source less, blinding light, Iva only froze. . .

It didn’t stop, the light only grew bigger and brighter but it didn’t do anything not even when it swallowed up everything in the forest, Iva included. It grew brighter and brighter until her eyes gave in and she shut them tight, saving them from the light. But it eventually died down and she was left shaking on the ground.

Oh, must have fainted, she thought, Weak!

She got up. There were two options; run out of the forest or go deeper…


There was a white light coming through the door like hole in the tree. All inside froze for a while, waiting for it to stop but the decided it wasn’t happening any time soon. All it did was grow brighter and brighter and more blinding.

Myra stepped forward just as the light dimmed and Allias followed her towards the hole, Maia followed them hesitantly, as if something would jump out of the darkening light. The three stood at the entrance the light still shining bright enough to turn them into three silhouettes.

“Your time has come children,” Myra said in a dazed tone, “your friend will need you.” Then she hopped back into life and pulled out her red note book. Again she wrote exactly what they had done ending in: and with that, the two adventurers walked off into the whiteness. So they did. They walked into the bright whiteness and out of Myra’s site and she quickly scribbled down the four words: and out of protection.


Iva had chosen; she was going to see what had caused the light. She was not one to be scared and she was not going to start now, no matter how much she longed to turn back, how much she wished her escape hadn’t worked or how she would have loved to roam the town in a dark cloak to get peoples suspicions rising and even a little scaring would have been fun. But no she couldn’t, she mustn’t. What if her new friends, Allias, Maia and was it Childe yes that was it, were somewhere and they needed help. But that was a big what if. So on she ventured into the new darkness.

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