Wilde Fyre

Legend speaks of a Maiden born from the fyre of a thousand dragons. Childe is an unloved, she has no family and noone but her friends to love her. Childe and her friends are on a quest to find the missing fyre dragon and return peace to their realm. will Childe make it home alive and who is this Wilde Fyre the dragons speak of


5. A Magnificent Sword

Chapter Four

A Magnificent Sword

Hahn was scrawny and small and not the kind of creature one would really want to see, but he was loyal and would do anything Iva wanted since she saved him 9 years ago when she was 5. He slithered up her leather covered legs and perched himself on her shoulder playing with a loose thread on her white blouse leaving footprints of ash, that lay all over Dragen Island. Iva stared down coldly at the ashen, grey courtyard full of knights and dragons. There was one dragon, a beautiful, scarlet one with amber wings and enchanting, emerald eyes like it could be a heavily jewelled necklace. It was beautiful, not that she would ever wear anything like that, maybe her mother, but not her. Fighting the aggressive necklace was a young man who was maybe, sixteen or seventeen, a few years older than her. He saw her looking down at them and gave a small wave, which was a big mistake because seconds after he got hit by the amber coloured boulder like tail leaving three gashes on his right cheek and a red mark on the whole right side of his face which would definitely turn into a bruise.

Iva couldn’t help her laughter that was the most stupid thing one could do in a battle, look up at a princess locked in a tower. Even she knew that, and she would never be in such a situation. Not because her father wouldn’t let her fight but because she was the only princess on the whole Dragen Island, just like there was only one king, Selire, her father.

There was one thing Iva wouldn’t stand for, her power hungry father locking her up. That was why she had attached a coil of rope to the curtain pole above the window and slowly descended. She was at the bottom of the tower standing on the excess rope as the knights and dragons watched in awe. She walked over to the armoury and picked up a long but light sword and turned it in her hand. It was her favourite sword, the silver hilt encased her hand to keep it protected from any attacks, a small emerald at the beginning of the blade gleamed throwing green light across the room, it was magnificent, beautiful and hers. Iva’s father had gifted it to her when she was ten saying that even a princess had to defend herself but when she excelled greatly at swordplay her father had banned her from it saying she was only meant to learn how to defend herself not to fight and that he knew this would happen he had taken it and put it in the armoury with the other swords. She slipped on a pair of leather gloves that were slightly too big and walked outside carrying her magnificent sword graciously as whispers of call the king were carried through the, now gathered, crowd.

“Anyone who dares to call the king will face me!” she raised her voice with her sword, now high in the air.

Everyone was silent until someone amidst the crowd cackled in laughter, “Bring it on!” then there was a wave of worried “no” s and “don’t do it” s, he stepped forward half of his face was blue and purple and had three nice cuts across his right cheek. Iva crinkled her nose in disgust; he had no idea what he was in for. First he dared wave at her and now he wanted to fight her, they were two things everyone knew not to do.

They drew their swords and the fight began. The knight thrust his sword at Iva as she gracefully ducked his heavy blade. She knocked him to the ground with her foot and he toppled over like the remains of an old castle. She stood up strait and put her beautiful sword to his chest as he begged for mercy

“Please, p-p-pleas-se,” but she dug her blade in, only millimetres under his delicate skin, just enough to draw a single drop of blood. She pulled the sword from his chest, his flesh revealed through the broken chainmail. The crowd cheered.

“Anyone else dare tell my father what I’ve done?”

The cheers stopped and silence took over. She slipped her sword into her belt and marched off.

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