This is a Nico de Angelo fanfic! Angel. When someone says that you think of a white beautiful angel... Not me. My names angel and you. Could say I have a lot of secrets. No one to tell them to so I keep to myself. I'm not what you would call pretty either...


1. The New Guy

*Angels POV*

Hi my names Angel as you probably already know. I don't have many friends... Well none actually. Today it's Monday and I'm just on my way to school, in my light denim jeans and white Tee and jumper. I walk down the streets that are covered with fresh autumn orange leaves. My light blond hair blowing in my face. My black messenger bag filled with books at my side. I walk into the school and over to the prinsibles office.

"hello Mary can I talk to mrs Caly?" I asked Mary, the schools co prinsible.

"sure she's talking to a new student but I'm sure she won't mind." I noodled and walked in the office slowly. It's been quite hard for me lately because my aunty, my only family left, died. Mrs Cally, or Clair is basically my half-step-mum if that's possible. In front of Clair was a guy maybe a year older than me, he had dark brown, almost black hair. He wore an aviator type jacket with black skinny jeans. When I shut the door he turned round to look at me. His eyes were dark and almost scary. He looked as if he hadn't slept in months.

"Oh hello angel what can I do for you." Clair said snapping me into reality. I slowly walked forward taking the note out of my bad. The note said that my aunty had died. I didn't want to have to say it out loud.

"What's this dear..." She read the note and looked up. "Oh dear I had no idea." She came round and gave me a huge hug. I refused to cry. The new guy stood awkwardly in the corner. Finally Clair let go of me.

"Oh Angel this is Nico he's new could you maybe show him around?" She asked.

"Yeah sure."
"I gave Nico all his class rooms and stuff so you should be fine. Good bye." We walked out the office awkwardly and into the hall.
"So you're Angel right?" Nico asked. Holy hades this is awkward.
"yeah um could I have your time table sheet?" He handed me his timetable sheet... I'm going to kill Clair! He has all the same classes (Who knew?)

"we've got all the same classes." I said. Yay another person to bully me!

"And your locker is... not to far away lets go."

*Nico's POV*
"But dad you know I hate school!" I groaned at my father Hades. He said there's going to be an adventure for me at my new school. ugh!
"No buts! I'm pretty sure there's a girl-"

"Hey! I hadn't finished. A girl demigod but her sent isn't the smell of a demigod but she is good don't worry! Now go before I feed you to the furies!" I hate my father sometimes!
*present time*
We were walking down the hall and as we walked passed everyone started to stare. No Now's not the time to be shy Nico! I thought. All the girls started giggling and pointing at me. I hate girls!

We finally got to a locker, number 265.
"My locker is just over there I'll be right back." Angel said walking off. I put my books that I didn't need in there and shut the locker. Angel came back over and we started to walk over to our first class.

When we got there Angel introduced me to the teacher, Mrs Haze. Angel and I sat at the back of the class.

"One second I have to go give something to Mrs Haze." Angel said before walking up to the teacher. she came back with a solemn look on her face.

Science went quickly but I got a head ache from reading. the words were all translating from Greek and stuff I'm calling this a new language... Ingreek. that should do. We walked out of Science when Angel bumped into a brunet.... she was caked with make-up!!

"Watch were you're going bi-" she didn't finish her sentince before she saw me. "Oh and who might this be Angel *cough* *cough* devil *cough*" Angel sighed and looked at me.
"Gp ahead I don't mind... not that anyone cares." she walked of and left me with the brunet.
"I'm Lola-" I cut her off by saying.

"And I'm not interested." I ran off to catch up with Angel who was now at the end of the hall.

"I thought You would be with Lola." she said in a no toned voice.

"I'm not into girls... in that way." She didn't say anything but kept walking.

"so what's next class?" I said trying to pick up the next conversation.

"Math." another awkward silence... yet again. We arrived at the next class, Angel introjused me to the teacher, Mrs coral blah ba blah ba blah. We sat in the back of the class room and sadly Lola and her little pawns were here. Lola got up and started walking over to us. Oh got here it comes. but she didn't come over to me she went to Angel.

"Hey so I heard you got a new boyfriend slut." She barked. Before she could rely Lola stole her bag and went through it. She took out a piece of paper like the one Angel gave to Mrs Caly and Mrs Haze. The teacher had left the room and Lola went up to the front of the class.
"Hey everyone I found this note in Angels bag!" Everyone stopped and turned towards Lola... Oh gods!

"It says... Dear Mrs Coral, I have to tell you that I might not pay attention in class that much because My aunty died on Saturday. I'll try my best to pay attention but I'm sorry if I don't. Angel" By the time she reached the end of the letter everyone was laughing. Everyone in this classroom is getting sent straight to tartarus. I looked over at Angel who's eyes were rimmed with tears. The next thing I new was that she grabbed her bag and ran out the class room. I ran after her and found her sitting down the hallway in a little ball. One thing you should know about me is that I'm not good and comforting people. I slowly made me way up to Angel and sat next to her. She looked up startled I looked into her eyes which didn't really have a colour they were like Aphrodite's... Not another child of Aphrodite!!! But the energy wasn't like any demigod or monster.

"W-what? why aren't you laughing at me?" She sniffed whipping away some of her tears.

"because um I know what its like to be um laughed at." I wasn't sure what I was saying but I did use to get laughed at. my sister, Bianca use to tell me they were just jealous but she's dead now.

"I'm sorry. I feel so stupid." She said. I was confused and she saw the look that I was giving her as if to explain. "Just for crying over something so small..." She sighed and got up.

"I'm going to the bathroom I'll be right back" Angel left me in the hall.

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