A Silent Love - Faberry

A Faberry FanFiction.
Rachel and Quinn have been apart for years. Both of their lives have changed and they've had successes, and failures, in their own ways. Can they overcome the years apart and all that was missed to admit the feelings that they have? Or, will they move further down different paths?


5. Mind If I Stick Around?

~~I sat in the passenger seat of Rachel’s black Getz breathing in the sweet smell of her car as I tried to get out of her where she was taking me.
“Just tell me. I’m going to find out anyway,” I begged of her.
“It’s a surprise and you’ll find out when we get there,” she was keeping her cards close to her chest. She wasn’t giving off any hints, but she looked excited. She has always been a tough nut to crack. And the best secret keeper, well, most of the time.
In high school, all the secret business of the glee club and its members were kept from Rachel because everyone thought that she had a big mouth and would spread it around. But people underestimated her. There were so many things that she knew and never said a word about. As the years passed though, people became more comfortable and trusting of her, so she was allowed in on our secrets. Hell, I even told her some of my secrets that I hadn’t told anyone else.
“Just be quiet and enjoy the drive. We’re almost there,” she laughed then extended her arm and rubbed my knee. “Trust me, you’ll love it!”
My leg burned in a sensational way and I could still feel the weight of her hand on me. I sat smelling in the scent of her car. I had to find out what kind of freshener this was. When I get my car back, I’m going to have an unlimited supply of it so I’ll never have to be without it. She’s had the same one since we were in high school. And I remember walking behind her just so I could catch the draft that carried her sweet smell without being suspicious. The scent has embedded itself in the fibres of all her clothes and she has her own signature smell that filled the space that she was in.
I remember in junior year, I searched in shopping centres for the same perfume or deodorant that she wore. I would walk down the aisle and pull every one off the shelf, spray and smelling, trying to match the scent. I even went through all the men’s products. I tried to hide what I was doing, because I didn’t want to seem weird and people expected me to hate Rachel. But as we got closer, we hung our more and that lead me to learn that it was her car freshener, not her deodorant or perfume.
When I found that out, I searched the aisles. I had captured a mental image of the one she had. But I couldn’t match it in the supermarkets. I then came to the conclusion that it was from a car store, as it was. But I wasn’t yet sixteen, as she was and I waited until I had a car to get it. It would be rather strange for someone to go into a car store and buy freshener meant for their car that they didn’t own. And I couldn’t even imagine if anyone I knew or from school had seen me.
 I was brought back to reality by the feeling of the car coming to a stop. We had pulled into a street car park and Rachel unclicked her seatbelt. “Here we are,” she said with a big smile spreading across her face. She was almost bursting with excitement.
I got out of the car as well and looked around. It was mostly old brick façades that had been transformed into small variety stores, some selling souvenirs. She led me down an alley next to a dodgy souvenir store. “Are you sure this area’s safe Rachel?” I asked her, getting worried where she was going to be taking me. It didn’t look like a very thriving area or welcoming for that matter. There are worse areas, definitely. But this didn’t seem like somewhere that Rachel would come. She’s always been very wary of where she goes and like any sane person, likes to avoid high crime rate areas to avoid damage and possibility of being robbed or injured.
The pavement beneath them was icy but not too slippery and the snow still hadn’t begun to fall. She treaded carefully and looked slightly ahead at Rachel to see if she was going to fall. Looking down at her feet, she saw Rachel pivot and looked up to see where she was turning to. To the left was a door that radiated a warm glow and seemed very inviting from the cold out here.
“Welcome to Marea’s. It’s kind of a big city version of Breadstix,” she introduced me to the Italian restaurant, spreading her arms, framing the scene in front of me.
It was actually pretty impressive. It was smaller than Breadstix, which is expected as it’s in alley. There were original, intricate patterns on the wall that looked like traditional Italian artworks. Compared to Breadstix, this was the real Italy, although it’s probably the touristy version of it, not what it’s actually like. The strong smell of tomatoes and bread filled the room.
A soft chatter hummed throughout the room as people enjoyed their food and company. Many of the customers were people like us, girls out for a break or catch up. There was a family and an older couple but other than that, there were quite a few empty tables. “This is great,” I commented. Finding it better than I was expecting when she was leading me through back streets, especially down that alley. I had my doubts then.
“I know right. This is my getaway place. I haven’t brought anyone here before, except Finn…” she trailed off after she realised that she’s said his name. She looked a little hurt so I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and hugged her to my side for a moment. He had been killed in a robbery gone wrong at his step father’s car shop.
She really did love him. After he left her at the train station that day, they had made up and were back together when he died.
“Seriously though, they have the best vegan salads and pastas. The meat substitute is amazing! You have to try it,” she smiled at me, hiding how she really felt.
“Sounds great. I don’t eat meat either anymore,” I added to avoid the awkward silence that was about to settle.
“Oh really. I didn’t know that.”
“Yeah had a few bad experiences at Yale and I just lost the taste for it.  I haven’t had a chance to go out and try anything good enough to call my favourite yet.”
“Well, this food is to, die, for. You won’t be disappointed.”
“Alright then. Let’s do it.” A restaurant attendant greeted us and ushered us over to a table. There were two seats at the table. It was a lovely setting. Scarlet red curtains were draped along two of the walls, and although there were no windows, it created the effect that there was. They were blocking out the rest of the world to create a sense of peace in the room. I ran my hand along the velvet material when we were seated. It reminded me of our old Glee costumes. We made them all ourselves and respected them a lot more than if we had brought them.
We barely had time to begin speaking before someone was waiting on us, asking for our orders. I had no idea so I suggested that we start with a drink. “Alright, well, I’ll have a pink lemonade please,” Rachel requested.
I couldn’t pick and didn’t want to keep them waiting so I just said, “I’ll have the same as my friend here thank you.”
“Okay, I won’t be long with those,” the girl said as she scribbled quickly and turned to walk away, slipping in a smile before she disappeared. 
“I have to say Rach. This is a good choice, and certainly a lot better than I was expecting,’ I said as I looked around the room once again, taking in how lovely it looked. It was a simple set out, but was amazingly beautiful. It proved that a little goes a long way.
“See, I told you that you would love it,” she was genuinely excited and thrilled that I liked it so much. She looked like she was going to burst.
“So, which of these meals is the to die for one?” I asked looking away from her down to the menu. I had the feeling that I was going to do something embarrassing, not such much to Rachel, but definitely for myself.
“That can be the next surprise. If you don’t mind me ordering for you that is…?” she asked hesitantly.
“Sure. I don’t mind. If it’s as good as the first surprise, then I’m sure I’ll love it,” I answered, closing my menu and settling back into my seat.
We were in a small secluded area. It was almost a booth, but the only thing blocking it from the rest of the restaurant was a bench, one behind me, one behind Rachel.
The waitress returned with our drinks and removed the note pad from the pocket of her apron. “So, ladies, have we decided what we want to order?”
“Yes. We’ll have a Mario Batali, and Swiss cheese cannelloni.”
“Will that be all for you guys?” she asked as she scribbled the last of our order.
“Yes thank you,” Rachel smiled at the girl before she turned to leave.
“Swiss cheese in an Italian restaurant. Interesting,” I commented when the waitress was out of earshot.
“I know. Mustn’t be very authentic if they’re stealing other countries’ cheese,” Rachel retorted and smiled through her eyelashes at me. She’s always had a sense of humour. It’s nice to see that she hasn’t lost it like others have. Growing up doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto a childish part and have fun.
“I wonder if the Swiss people know that this is going on. Maybe someone should inform them,” I answered and smiled back at her. “So… what have you been up to in the last, what has it been… two and a half years? I think since we last saw each other.”
“Well, I graduated from NYADA, as you know. But I’ve been looking around for shows to audition for. I starred in Wicked two years ago, not the big Broadway one, a smaller scale one. I had an audition for Funny Girl last week, so I’m just waiting for the call-backs. But I don’t feel too confident about it.”
“I’m sure you’ll get a call-back. You’re Rachel Berry,” I said jokingly. All through high school, we’d all say things that she could do because she I Rachel Berry.
“Gosh, I haven’t heard anyone say that since high school! What have you been up to?”
I laughed; I had achieved the reaction I was hoping for. We stopped laughing after thinking about those glory days then settled and began to feel sentimental. I broke the silence by answering her question. “You’ve definitely been doing more than me. I graduated at the same time as you did, and I’ve been packing up and finishing at Yale. Mum kept me busy doing stuff for her. She didn’t actually want me to come here, but I need a break and she got that I guess. I hope she did anyway…”
“I’m sure she understands,” Rachel said, her head falling to the side and resting on her shoulder. “Do you know what you want to do here?”
“Not too sure. I don’t think I’m fit for Broadway like you, or Kurt. But I’d still like to keep singing, maybe dance too. I’m going to look for an apartment first then find some work or something,” I answered and patiently awaited her reply.
“Well, don’t worry too much. We can find something for you. “It’s New York! And Quinn, don’t worry about a place to stay, you can bunk with me for as long as you need. Just get yourself settled as much as you can then think about that.”
“Thank you, Rach. I think I just need a bit of time off after studying and working. I have enough money to keep me going for a few months at least, so I’m not too worried about that side of things. It’s more just finding somewhere to fit in and settle. Because there’s no way I want to go back to Lima and my mother. She reminds me too much of the past and I just want to put that behind me and start afresh, here in New York, with my friend. If you want me around that is?”

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