A Silent Love - Faberry

A Faberry FanFiction.
Rachel and Quinn have been apart for years. Both of their lives have changed and they've had successes, and failures, in their own ways. Can they overcome the years apart and all that was missed to admit the feelings that they have? Or, will they move further down different paths?


4. It's A Date

~~We sat, frozen like that for what felt like hours, but was only a number of minutes. Rachel shifted and stirred me from my daze. I wasn’t asleep, but was approaching it.
“Do you want something to eat? We could go out, or I could just make us something?” Rachel asked as she stood up.
I looked around, and then decided it was best if I probably got out for a while. Instead of staying locked up and wallowing in self-pity, although the thought of sitting here for hours talking with Rachel was hard to pass up. “I think some time out would be nice. If you want to that is?”
The look on her face confirmed that she was shocked as I had expected her to be. But then she brightened up and agreed. “I’d love to. Whatever you want to do, I’m fine with.”
“Okay then. Sounds like a plan!” I was getting excited now. I haven’t been out for who knows how long, too long really. And to have the chance to just let loose sounds amazing.
“Well, I’ll give you some time to get ready and we can go in say fifteen minutes?” I nodded in approval.
“Rachel, wait!” I called hesitantly before she walked out the door.
“Yes?” she enquired, sounding very concerned.
“Thank you, so much. I mean, for not asking too many questions before,” I paused and looked at my feet. “I really appreciate it.”
“That’s fine. Anytime, really. If you want to tell me what’s up then you’ll tell me. I won’t push you for more information. Maybe the time will be right one day and you’ll tell me. But it’s your business, and you can decide who you open up to,” she reassured me and nodded, smiling her million dollar smile.
“Thank you, again.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. There was plenty that I wanted to say, but none of it felt right and I didn’t want to ruin the moment. She turned around again, walking out the door and pulling it shut behind her. I caught one last glimpse of her long, brown locks swaying down her back before I turned to my bag to find my nicest clothes for our night out.

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