Save Me

when Rachel's life is full of sadness and the bullying is getting worse and she thinks she is better of not here so thinks of the worst solution. Though when she send out a tweet to her favourite boys, One Direction some thing amazing happens that will change her life forever.
(contains some mild language)


14. Secrets are out


I got out the shower and saw Louis' phone buzzing on the bed I picked it up. He had a text from some one called Chloe. It read " hey Lou Lou, had a great time last night it's a shame you had to leave early" I was so confused Louis stayed at this girls house last night. I looked at his photos and saw 100 pictures of him and Chloe. The Chloe who bullied me, who used to be my best friend. Louis slept with that slut. I know I kissed harry but I never slept with him. I was so angry. I stormed out the room Louis' phone in my hand. I barged into the kitchen. "Louis, you fucking dirty scum bag, that girl you slept with last night, she was my fucking bully! She was the reason I nearly killed myself. she was the person who suddenly decided to stop being my best friend because I took drugs once, but the thing is she was the one who gave me them and you slept with her you cheated on me with her, how could you!" I was crying by now. I didn't care that I just told everyone in that whole house my biggest secret. "look, I was drunk, I met her somewhere and she took me to her house we had a few drinks and I don't even remember what happened, it didn't mean anything I love you Rach"  "save it" I ran away to the bedroom and cried me eyes out.


I rung straight away to find out what happened. I was relieved. I went into the bedroom "Rachel, I need to tell you something important"   "come in" she was crying   "I didn't sleep with Chloe, I just spoke to her and she said that we just watched movies all night and now I remember that its true, I love you I don't want to lose you" " I love you too" we hugged it out then laid down next to each other and drifted of to sleep.

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