Save Me

when Rachel's life is full of sadness and the bullying is getting worse and she thinks she is better of not here so thinks of the worst solution. Though when she send out a tweet to her favourite boys, One Direction some thing amazing happens that will change her life forever.
(contains some mild language)


9. One Month On

Rachel's pov

Being with Louis is great he treats me like a princesses. my life is going great no more bullying, no more school, I've made up with my mum, she thinks Louis is great  (result!!!) and I am dating LOUIS TOMLINSON AHH!!!! The last month had been crazy I have been asked for autography, been mobbed by Directioners and have now got as many followers on twitter as the boys. Oww and talking about the boys they are the nicest people like ever they excepted me as part of there group and now they are all my best friends. That sounds weird I have best friends, haven't had they in a while. I have been going on tour with the boys and been partying with them a lot and every night we all come back to the holiday home and chill by the camp fire with a couple beers and have a lot of laughs. Not to forget Louis' family they are so kind and excepting which is great. Everything's great. Life's just great. I cant believe that I have beaten all the odds of never being happy again but now look at  me. So after everything that's happened I thinks it should be;

 Life:100- Rachel :10000. Thanks god for that.


*authors note; Hey everyone sorry I haven't been uploading busy with school, my upload days are now going to be; Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If I get the time I will try and upload mid-week but no promises thanks for all the reads and remember to like an favourite!! Thanks :) xx* 

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