Save Me

when Rachel's life is full of sadness and the bullying is getting worse and she thinks she is better of not here so thinks of the worst solution. Though when she send out a tweet to her favourite boys, One Direction some thing amazing happens that will change her life forever.
(contains some mild language)


2. I'm done

I went into my room and pulled out my laptop to try and cheer myself up by reading One Direction's tweets. I love One Direction, they are the only thing that kind of makes me smile, so when I have a really ruff day I read there tweets. I was just getting a bit happy when I get a message from Chloe, how did she find me! SHIT. The abuse carried on once she found me on Facebook. My life had got even worse. I couldn't take it no more I needed to get away, forever. I made up my mind I was gonna go, just vanish. There was two things I wanted to go first. I send I a tweet to Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn; not that they would notice but at least they knew. I then left a piece of paper reading 'I'm Sorry, love you'. As the tears filled in my eyes my laptop buzzed five times it was Harry, Louis, Niall ,Liam & Zayn. They all said that they loved me and that they want to meet me and to not do something I'm going to regret. They all followed me and the talk to me for ages asking me what was wrong and where and when they could meet me. I was so happy my dream came true, I was going to meet One Direction. The timing was good because I didn't have to go to school for 6 weeks cause it was summer. I was finally happy again :).

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