Save Me

when Rachel's life is full of sadness and the bullying is getting worse and she thinks she is better of not here so thinks of the worst solution. Though when she send out a tweet to her favourite boys, One Direction some thing amazing happens that will change her life forever.
(contains some mild language)


10. Harry's Eyes


The boys and I had just finished the XFactor red carpet event. It was great but now we were back round the campfire. I was close to Louis my head on his shoulder his arm around my waist. We were looking at the starts and the others were messing around. Then the boys got tired and we were roasting marshmallows. " I just need to go to the toilet wont be long" I said. I got up kissed Louis on the cheek and went inside.


"I'm cold, I'm going to get my jacket from my room" I said getting up. they all nodded then carried on eating there marshmallows, well apart from Niall he was eating mine. I went into my room grabbed me jacket off my bed and walked out that's when I bumped into Rachel. "Oh sorry Rach, didn't see you there" I said smiling "No Prob, has anyone every told you have gorgeous eyes" I was seriously confused at this point!!! " err thanks, come on lets go" I turnt around but she grabbed my arm pulled me back and kissed me on the lips!! I tried to push away but she had a tight grip. What was she doing she was with Louis!!! As she let me go I looked down the stairs and saw Louis. you could see the anger in his face. " HARRY" Rachel yelled. At the point Louis ran off. She followed him. I cant believe she did that she kissed me then when she saw Louis acted like I kissed her. She probably just made me lose one of my best friends!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

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