Save Me

when Rachel's life is full of sadness and the bullying is getting worse and she thinks she is better of not here so thinks of the worst solution. Though when she send out a tweet to her favourite boys, One Direction some thing amazing happens that will change her life forever.
(contains some mild language)


6. Good Morning


I woke up to see Louis stroking my hair gently. ' good morning beautiful' he said softly.

'good morning to you to boyfriend' ahh I just loved saying that.

I wanted to stay here forever in his arms. ' I have to go to the recording studio, so I've got to go, would you like a lift home?'

SHIT HOME!! I told my mum I was going out with friends and that I would be back in half a hour that was 12 hours ago!! I am in so much trouble she knows I never stay at a friends house and if I do I always tell her. She is probably to contact me but my phone ran out of charge in the restaurant. I am so dead and when I come back like this smelling of Louis' charming aftershave she will know I stayed with a boy! She will most defiantly kill me !!

'Hello rach?' Louis said waving his hand in front of my face '

' yeah sorry, that would be great thanks'

*short chapter but you last one was long and next on is explosive



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