We All Got Bruises

Harry has always been a little... different. He was always bullied and saw no point in living. That is, until he met Louis. Louis teaches him that we all have bruises.


1. Preface

Today had been the worst day ever for Harry. He was beaten up on the way home from school for the sixth time this month causing him to come home in tears for the umpteenth time this month as well. Anne, Harry's mother, didn't know what to do. Ever since Harry's parents divorced when he was 13, he'd been very different. He rarely smiled or talked, he disengaged from almost very relationship he had ever made, and he was constantly tormented. Why was he tormented? Well, Harry could rattle off an exact list to you. It ranged from the fact he was shit at football, his dad was gone, and he could sing.

    Scratch that, he was amazing at singing. He could hit any note and sing any cord you wanted hear perfectly. Which sounds amazing, right? Well not in Harry's case. It was the thing he hated the most. Not that he hated sing, he loved it, but his classmates made fun of him the most over it. 

    "Harry" his mother calls when she hears the front door open. When she doest't get a reply, she puts her cookie pan aside and strides towards the front door. "Oh Harry" she murmurs at the sight of the young 16 year old.

    His curly mop of hair is disheveled, his polo is torn, his moss green eyes are glassy and filled with tears. But Anne is most taken aback  by the bloody nose, swollen lip, and black eye her son is sporting. 

    "They- they found out about my X-Factor audition next weekend" Harry sobs and throws his arms around his mom. "They all hate me."

    "No they don't Harry," Anne says, "they are jealous."

    "Why would they be jealous of me of all people?" he cries sarcastically.

    “You have so much to offer, Harry”, his mum soothes, “trust me one day you will make it big, and those losers at school will regret being mean to you.” 

And you know what? That’s exactly what he did.





    “And the next act going into the finale...is” Dermot stalls, “One Direction! Congratulations boys!” 

    The boys, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry, all huddle up into a group hug. None of them can believe it. Especially not Harry. When they all run of stage Harry is still in shock. The finale? That is incredible. 

    “Now we get to go home and perform in our home towns” Liam says, full of joy. And, I mean, why wouldn’t he be? They all are, except Harry. He always knew it would lead to this if they did well in the competition. He would have to go home and face his former school mates, his tormentors. 

    “Harry? Are you alright mate” his best mate, Louis asks. 

    “Ya Haz you look a little ill” Zayn comments.

    “Yup I’m fine” Harry lies and forces a smile on his face. He knows he is going to have to tell the lads about his past, before someone else beats him to it, but he just wants to forget the whole part of his life.

    The past six months has been the best thing he could remember since his dad walked out on him and his mom. He’s been happy because he had made for best friends, was performing live with his band to the entire United Kingdom, and he was with Louis. 


    Louis has no clue about Harry’s past, but he has helped Harry beyond belief. Louis has been the only person, aside from his mum, who has helped him. Sure, the other lads have helped Harry, but not quite like Louis has. When ever he has a problem he goes to Louis, when ever he is sad he goes to Louis, and whenever he just needs someone, you guessed it, he goes to Louis. 

    “Ok so boys,” Simon, their mentor, says, “We will go to Liam’s old school, Zayn’s community park, Niall’s city hall, Louis’s old zoo, and Harry’s old school in that order.”

    “No” Harry thinks, “we can not be going to my school. Of all places in Holmes Chapel.” He can already feel his anxiety sky-rocketing. This isn't going to be good.




    “Harry something’s bothering you” Louis states, very matter of factly, once they return to the X-Factor house.

    “It’s nothing Lou” Harry assures. 

    “You are a shitty liar” Louis laughs, “aren’t you happy we made it to the finale?”

    “Aren’t I?” Harry laughs, “i’m thrilled!”

    “Then whats wrong Hazza Bear?”

    Harry took in a deep breath. Was he going to spill everything to Louis? He couldn’t even tell. “I should tell him” he mentally instructed himself, “but he doesn’t have to know everything right?”

    Louis nudged Harry with his knee egging him on. Harry knew he had to tell him, but he can’t.

    “A lot happened in high school” Harry says. That wasn’t a lie. But, he couldn’t tell Louis everything. What if Louis thought he was a freak? 

    “There’s more to the story than that” Louis says, “when your ready, you know I’ll be here for you, ok?”

    Harry nods his head, his curls tangling up. Louis pushes some curls, chocolate brown and wild, out of the young 16 year old’s face. “Thanks Boo” Harry murmurs into Louis’s skin. 

    “Anytime Haz” 


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