It's a dream I had and decided to make it into a story. Enjoy :)


1. Where it all started.

It's been 6 months since I've met Jason. The night I met Jason had been prety shitty. I was walking home from a friends house after being there the night before partying. Jason and his crew ran past me almost making me fall. "Watch where you're fuckin going assholes!!" The one boy stopped running and walked toward me. "What did you say bitch?" "I said watch where you're fuckin going assholes." "Jason come on! Just let it go." "I will see you soon bitch." "I can't wait." Jason ran back to his crew and got into the waiting Range Rover and sped off. I continued walking home. I unlocked the front door and walked inside dropping my bag on the floor next to the door and took my shoes off. I walked into the kitchen and turned the light on and walked over to the fridge. I grabbed a can of mountain dew and shut the fridge. Then grabbed a bag of skittles and went into the livingroom and started watching TV. I had just started watching Kevin Hart Seriously Funny when there was a pounding on the front door. "I'm coming!!" I opened the door to see Jason standing there. "Ugh! What do you want? " "I told you I'd see you soon." "Did you follow me home?" "Maybe. Are you gonna let me in or what?" I moved aside and let Jason in and shut the door. "If you try anything I will kill you." "Sure. Now let's continue what we started earlier." "Ok." I went back into the livingroom and sat on the couch. "So you were walking towards me when your friend yelled for you. I don't think we started anything." "You called me an asshole." "No. I called you and your crew assholes. You guys ran past me and almost made me fall." "Oh. Sorry." "It's fine. Sorry for calling you and your crew assholes." "It's ok. I understand why you said that. I'd be pissed too. By the way I'm Jason, Jason McCann." "I'm Rachel, Rachel Bernard." "Well it's nice to actually meet you." "Nice to meet you too. Would you like something to drink?" "Sure." I went and got Jason a can of mountain dew and went back to the livingroom. "Thanks." "Welcome." "What are you watching?" "Kevin Hart Seriously Funny." "That movie is so fuckin funny." "I know right!!!" "Hell ya!" "Do you want to watch it with me?" Jason looked at his phone. "You don't have to. I mean if you have better things to do then go do them." Jason chuckled. "I don't have anything better to do. So I'd love to stay and watch it with you." "Ok. Thank you." "Your welcome. But why are you thanking me?" "I would have been home alone till God knows when." "Why?" "My dad is out getting drunk at the bars." "Oh." "Ya. Let's watch the movie." "Ok." Jason and I sat on the couch watching Kevin Hart laughing the whole time. When the movie was over I got up and put it into it's case and plugged my Ipod in and sat on the floor. "Do you like the band Sleeping With Sirens?" "There good. What songs do you have?" "A lot." "Pick your favorite song." "Ok." I chose If I'm James Dean then you're Adurey Hepburn and pressed play and the song started. "Do you mind if I smoke?" "No go ahead." Jason got a cigarette out and placed it between his lips and lit it. "So wha-" I was cut off by my dad. "RACHEL MOVE THIS SHIT!!" I jumped up and went and moved my bag. "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR SHIT OUT OF MY WAY??" "A lot." "Then why was it in my way?" "I haven't gone to my room yet." "I tell you every fuckin day and you still don't fuckin listen to me." I mumbled to myself and turned to walk away. When I felt my hair getting pulled. "What did you fuckin say?" "N-Nothing." "That's what I thought." My dad still had ahold of my hair and was pulling it harder. "Let me go! You're hurting me!" I felt my dads hand colide with the side of my head. "Own dad stop!!" My dad jerked me into the stand next to the door hard causing me to yelp in pain and fall to the floor. "Get up!" It took me a couple tries to finally get up. When I did my dads hand colided against my right cheek. "I'm going to bed. So turn that shit off." I watched my dad walk up or should I say stagger up the stairs. When he made it to the top I went back into the livingroom and turned the music and TV off. "I'm sorry you had to hear that." "It's ok. You should put some ice on your hip." "I will before I go to bed." "Does he do this all the time?" "Yell or hit me?" "Both." "He gets loud. But he doesn't yell all the time. He hits me almost every night I'm here." "I'm sorry. But you shouldn't stay here if he does." "It's not your fault. I know. But he's my dad. So do you wanna hangout in my room?" "Sure. But I can't." "Oh. Ok." "But you can come with me." "Uhh ok." "Kay. You should go get something to wear tomorrow. Or you can just wear what you have on." "I'll just wear what I have on. I don't really care." "Leggo!" I rolled my eyes then went and put on my Doc Martins and grabbed my bag and keys. Then went out the door and locked it.
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