Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


7. 7.

She nodded and hugged me

*knock, knock*

As Megan went to open the door I walked to the window

“No, no, no, no, no Sophia hid now” she said shacking

“Lexi why”

“His here now go” I whisper/yelled

She reluctantly nodded and left to walk up stairs as I walked over to the front door

“hey Harry what are you doing here” I asked

“Um you dropped you phone and yeah uh how’s Sophia”

“she’s fine”

“is she here”

“yeah she is but she’s upstairs…. With her boyfriend Jai”

“oh ok then um I better go bye”

“bye Harry”

I closed the door and turned then ran into something……… someone I looked up to see Luke smiling

“heyyy Lukey pokey you still mad” I said

“no I can’t be mad she told the truth and were all good now” he Said hugging me then picked me up bridal style and carried me to the lounge room where everyone was staring at us

“heeyyyy”  I said

“Lexi can I speak with you” sophia asked

“sure” Luke released me and I walked into the kitchen with her

“don’t yell” I asked

“I not gonna I was gonna thank you”

“for what”

“Jaiaskedmeoutandisaidyes” she spoke quickly

“slow down” I said

“Jai asked me out and I said yes” she said

I broke into a smile and hugged her “yeahhhyyyy”

We both smiled and walked to the lounge room

She ran into jai’s arms as I felt arms snake around my waist I turn to face Luke

“Hey Lukey” I said in a baby voice

“Hey Lexi Wexi” he said in a baby voice then buried his head in the crook of my neck

“Get a room you two” Sophia yelled

“Go out all ready” jai yelled

I shot my head up and glared at them

“Shut up meanies” I whined turning so I was facing Luke’s chest as he chuckled “guys layoff” he said laughing

“Sorry Lexi” they said unison

“its fine” I replied

“let’s watch a movie” Megan suggested we all nodded

“boys pick a movie and girls let’s make food” I said as we headed to the kitchen and the boys went to the lounge room.


Luke’s pov

“Let’s pick MAMA” Jai suggested

“Why” I asked

“Well we know you like Lexi so if we put that on you can sit next to Lexi and when she gets scared…” Beau said

“She’ll look to me for comfort” I said and they nodded I smiled and we all nodded

“You boys choose a movie yet” we heard a voice we turned to face the girls with food in their hands and arms I rushed over to Lexi who looked like she was struggling

“Thanks” she smiled “mind helping me with the drinks”

“Sure” I smiled we walked into the kitchen and grabbed cups and six bottles of soft drinks then entered the lounge room he face turned pale white when she saw the title of the story I walked to her and hugged her.

“You ok Lexi” I asked her

“N-N-N-o-o” she said shaking

“Can you walk to the couch and sit down you can cuddle with me if you wanna” I cooed towards her and she shook her head

“Can you carry me” she whispered

“Come on love birds lets watch the movie god” Skip yelled

“Yeah: yeah hang on” I said picking her up and sitting on the couch as James turned down the lights when the movie finished she was shaking  curled up in a ball at the end of the couch James turned the lights on and she screamed everyone looked at her

“Lexi are you ok” I asked softly

“N-N-N-O-O” she mumbled

“come here Lexi” I said with my arms open she didn’t think twice and crawled into my lap I wrapped my arms around her as she sobbed into my chest

“Lexi OMG Lexi I’m so sorry I should have warned them no scary movies” Sophia said rushing over to hug her

“It’s fine Soph it’s not your fault it’s mine I thought I could handle it” she said as she snuggled into my chest

“Luke can we talk to you” Jai asked I looked at Lexi who nodded she moved from my lap and over to the girls who embraced her in a group hug

*In the kitchen*

“what’s up boys” I asked

“well we think you should ask her out already” Beau said grinning

“Ok well wait until I’m ready” I said and they nod Sophia then walked in and Jai was imedenetly by her side

“Everything ok babe” she asked

“Yeah everything’s fine sweetie” he replies

“cool um it’s hailing guys and Lexi’s shaking Luke can you go si…” before she could finish she was cut of by the house going dark and a scream I ran out to the hallway and grabbed the flashlights I knew Megan had and gave one to everyone one then ran to the lounge room to find Lexi curled in a ball shaking and crying

“Lexi come here babygirl” I cooed to her she lifted her head and as soon as she saw me she crawled into my arms and I carried her to the kitchen with everyone else

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