Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


6. 6.

[still in Daniel’s pov]

Jai and I both laughed and walked over to each other

“whats up Jai man” I asked

“I really; really like Sophia but I don’t know how to tell her” he complained

“aww well why don’t you ask her to go for a walk with you”

“Nahh dude you know how shy I am, plus what if she rejects and, and what the fuck am I supposed to say when we are walking… im so freakin confused” he whined

“Dude grew some balls and asks her”


All of a sudden the music stopped and everyone was staring at us I looked at Jai to see his face turning red and Sophia ran over she was staring at something I followed her gaze to her looking at her sister Lexi she was glaring at Sophia Lexi then stormed out heading towards the beach.

*Lexi’s POV*
Sophia looked over at me and I just glared then ran off to the beach




“WHAT” I yelled spinning on my heal to face Luke he looked as if he was gonna cry

“I’m sorry Luke it’s just Sophia is aggravating me”

“It’s cool but why”

“Well long story short she has a crush on Jai and we just meet you boys”

“Oh well ok but I mean why are you so upset about it”

“Well I’m worried about her I don’t what her hurt again” I said punching a brick wall we walked past

“What do you mean again” he asked

“Well her ex-boyfriend his name was Harry seth and he was abusive I would try to help her but she said it would make it worst one day she ended up in hospital she was in a coma for three months and he went to jail he gets out in about three days I can’t tell her”

“I understanding ok I understand”

“Thanks let’s head back”

He stood up and grabbed me by the waist and throws me over his shoulder

“Luke put me down please” I squealed as he ran back to Megan’s place

“Fine” he smirked putting me down but not releasing my and kissing my cheek we walked through the front door and we were welcome with a bunch of angry faces.

Luke’s pov [short]

We walked through the doors and we welcomed with angry faces

“Hey guys” I said awkwardly

“Luke can we speak to you privately” I looked at Lexi but she was looking at Sophia who was hiding a smile I reluctantly nodded following them into the kitchen

“Why did you go after her” Jai asked

“To make sure she was ok why”

“Well after what Sophia told us she’s a slut and a liar” beau joined in

Lexi’s pov

“Well after what Sophia to us she’s a slut and a liar” I heard beau say

“Why Sophia why would you say that”

“Simple you want jai so I made up a lie” she said smiling

“I hate you” I screamed running out the door and down the street

“How could she” I said to myself

“Lexi????” I heard a VERY familiar voice say I look up to see Harry standing in front of me

“H-H-Harry w-w-want are you doing here” i stuttered

"I live here now been here for three weeks"

“cool well I gotta go bye” I ran like crazy back to the house

“SOPHIA; SOPHIA;SOPHI..” I stopped mid sentence

“what are you doing here” Luke asked

“Not you too where’s Sophia” I asked

“Here” I heard from behind me I turned to her and Jai holding Sophia who was holding an ice pack to her eye

“What happened” I asked worried


“no I didn’t I left the house after I heard you all talking about me oh and Sophia I should tell you; you might wanna start walking around with someone tough cause Harry is out of jail three weeks early just thought I’d tell you”

“How do you know?”

“I ran into him after I ran off” she was as white as a ghost

“Are you Lying” Luke asked worried and ran over to me to see if I was hurt I didn’t say anything

“LEXI” I snapped out of my daze and looked to find Sophia shockingly walking over to me shacking as soon as she did she kneeled down and hugged me she began sobbing into my shoulder

“Soph can you go sit with Megan so I can talk to Jai alone” she nodded and I walked out of the room with jai

“ok first I didn’t hit her and second we all know you both like her ok now I trust you with her heart if you break it I break you ok” he nodded

“Who’s harry” he asked

“His her abusive ex ok long story short” I say walking into the room he sat down with Sophia and she cuddled into him I smiled

“Ok so harry is Her abusive Ex his name is Harry seth and he was abusive I would try to help her but she said it would make it worst one day she ended up in hospital she was in a coma for three months and he went to jail I though he got out in about three days I couldn’t tell you cause I was scared but he got out three weeks early”

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