Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


5. 5

“Sophia?!” Jai says with a worried voice

“What do you want!” Sophia said literally crying

“What’s the matter, who did this?”

Jai kept asking so many questions to Sophia. Then that same thought popped in my mind, maybe Jai does like Sophia, they would be so cute together. Just looking at them now they are so prefect for ea…. Suddenly I feel to strong arms wrap around my waist, I turn around to see Beau in a kinda sad face looking at Sophia and Jai.

“You like her don’t you?”


“My sister?”

“Yeah I do like your sister ever since I saw her”

“Aww that’s cute but she likes j.. errm just pretent I said nothing”

“No no spill who does she like”

“Doesn’t matter”

“Oh I get it you can’t tell me cause you’re her sister and you probably promised not to tell anyone”

 “Okay ill tell you but lease don’t say anything to him or Sophia that I said anything”


“Well its Your brother Jai”


*Daniels POV*

Yes it was time for the party woo I love partying yep that’s me a party guy.

All the guests started to arrive and there was no sign of Jai or Sophia, I wondered if they were doing well you know what but I saw her crying before so I have no clue..

“SKIP MATE” Jai yells half way across the room

“JAI!! YO BRO WHATS UP?!” I scream back at him

“OOMG JUST GO ACROSS TO EACHOTHER” Luke screams at both of them

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