Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


4. 4.

On the way to Beau’s “Best Friends” Place Sophia sat on Jai’s lap because there were no more seats in the car. I could tell that he loved it, but all of a sudden jai kisses Sophia on the cheek and she blushed how cute. For the whole car ride we were randomly mucking up singing and just telling really cheesy jokes, but we had a great time. We finally arrived at our destination; I wasn’t in a mood to go inside so I ask Sophia if she wanted to go for a walk with me. She said sure and we   headed off we went to a park that look similar to the one we used when we where kids.

*Sophia’s POV*

I walked over to a swing and plopped myself down.

“You alright Sophia?”

“Yeah im fine its just…. Um never mind”

“No tell me”

“Its nothing okay”

“Sophia your my sister u can tell me anything you know that right?”

“I know just please don’t go crazy or mad okay”

“Okay I promise”

“I think I might have a crush on Jai”

“You what!!!”

“I don’t know hes really cute and…..”


“lexi no don’t go! WAIT!”


*Lexi’s POV*


How could she my own sister likes Jai I thought to myself. We have only known them for a few hours or so and she is starting to have a crush on him! Lots of things poped in my head as I was walking back to the boys. But the I thought what if Jai felt the same way about Sophia? They look so cute together and… all of a sudden I hear screaming coming out of the house the boys where in

“Luke Give it back” Jai screams

“Why should I huh your my twin you always go through my private stuff on my phone so why cant I do the same?”

“Because this is private”

“Ooooh “PRIVATE” Luck yells

“Boys boys settle, Luke give Jai his phone back and help me set up for the party”

“Yes Megan” the twins say at once

As I walk through the door I see all the boys working hard setting up streamers and lots of other stuff for the party, it looks like its going to be a big one.

“LEXI” jai Says quickly

“Oh Hey”

“Where’s Sophia?” he says really worried

“Oh we had a fight because she said she has a crush on y….. err never mind”

“No tell me who does she have a crush on?”

“Okay don’t tell anyone but its yo..” Sudenly Sophia walks in the house with tears in her eyes.

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