Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


3. 3

“Very cute ladies” Jai said I nodded and agreement


Sophia’s POV

As soon as we arrived at the beach my sister Lexi and the boys decided to go for a swim. I wasn’t too keen. They placed their things on the sand and ran to the water and quickly as possible. They looked like they were having fun, but all of a sudden Jai caught my eye omg he was so cute and ….. Come on Sophia snap out of it I thought to myself. I could Kind of hear them talking about me, but yet again it could be my imagination.

(In the water)

“Jai go get Sophia, pick her up and chuck her in the water with us”

“No lexi I don’t want to hurt her”

“Jai you wouldn’t hurt her”

“But what if I do?”

“Girls, Girls your both pretty okay”

“SHUT UP LUKE” we both said

“Im not a girl”

“Jai is right Luke”

“Ahh just go get her Jai”


(Back to me on the beach)

All of a sudden I see Jai running up to me and plopped himself next to me. “Hey Sophia why don’t you want to come in the water with us?” “I don’t feel like going in the water okay?” I said. Jai looked like he was a bit sad “oh okay then I’ll just go back”


Before I could say anything Jai picked me up and ran into the water without knowing I still had my clothes on. JAI!!!!!! I scream at him. What?! I still had my clothes on you idiot! Naww sorry beautiful.

2 hours of mucking up in the water we finally headed back to the beach, “Hey guys what do you  guys want to do”? I said

‘Not sure but I know what I want to do’ said Jai while smiling at me

‘why don’t we get you to meet the rest of the boys’ Luke said in an evil tone

“Sure” Lexi and I said at the same time

“Hahaha u girls I tell you” snaped Luke


We went to go meet the rest of the boys. Sophia, Lexi this is Daniel but we all call him Skip, and James.

“Err hi” Lexi said blushing said blushing

I saw beau walking over to us looking at his phone, “Hey guys do u want to come to my friends place she is having a party tonight and needs help to set up.”

“Yeah okay” 

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