Jai and Luke's dancing girls [Janoskians]

two twins who move to melbourne and meet their idols


2. 2.

Chapter 2 Lexi pov:                                                                                             

We pulled up to our new house in Melbourne at around 7:30 in the morning a few minutes later the moving truck pulled up Sophia and I jumped out and began unloading “ya know Sophia if you helped we would have it down sooner”

“ok ok I’ll help” we finished putting  everything in the house and paid the movers at around 10:00 we picked our rooms and began unpacking when I heard yelling and laughing

“Beau come on that’s not funny”

“it kinda is Luke”

“shut up Jai your my brothers”

“what’s your point bro”

“skip has a point Luke they just moved in and your already falling for one of them”

“whatever James”

“boy enough” a female said

me and Sophia decided to go next door and introduce ourselves we got changed out of our dirty clothes and throw on our shorty shorts and I put on and blue tank top with a black leather jacket and Sophia put on and grey tank top with a leather jacket she throw her hair in a high pony while I had mine out we smiled and walked out the door we walked over to their door and knocked a few minutes later a young woman opened the door

“hello I’m Lexi and this is my sister Sophia we just moved in and we heard laughing and yelling so we came to say hi”

“well hello I’m Gina Brooks come and I’ll introduce you to my sons and their two friends” we entered the house and she closed the door “BOOYYYYYSSS GET IN THE LIVING ROOM NOW”  she yelled they came running in like little puppies

“yes mum” three of them said

“these are our new neighbours Sophia and Lexi say hello”



“hiya” we giggled at the twins who both said hello in unison “what” Gina asked “nothing it’s just we adore twins that speak in unison it’s cute” I said smiling they all smiled and they sat on the lounge while me and Sophia sat on the floor “can we ask you girls some questions” The cute twin with the lip ring said “ok” us girls replied “boys be good I’m leaving for work” “ok mum” the three boys said “ok boys you asked the Question and we’ll answer” they nodded and the question went like this: [ blue Lexi             grey Sophia red both]

Full name- Lexi Fawn weaks  Sophia Annabelle weaks

Age- 18

Date of birth-16/7/95

Fav colour-Blue grey

Pets- puppy sponge bob


Family-sister, mum,2 brothers

Reason for moving- dance school and we sing

Jai pov:

Wow she is ssooo cute and I think Luke likes her sister this will be perfect we can work together to convince them to go out with us “well me, James and skip have to meet our girlfriends right now but you can stay and hang with Jai and Luke I’m sure they won’t mind” beau said smirking at us i looked at the girls and Sophia was staring at me I just blushed and looked down “laters sluts” as soon as beau said sluts the girls bursted into laughter the door closed and we all fell silent I realised Luke had his phone so I whipped mine out and sent him a text ‘bro we should ask them if they wanna head to the beach with us’ his phone made a noise indicating he got a message he looked at me and smiled “hey girls do you wanna head to the beach with us” he said “cool we’ll go get ready and met you back here yeah” they said in unison we smiled and nodded they stood up and left.

Luke’s pov

We walked up stairs to get dressed then headed down I was wearing blue board shorts with a singlet shirt and flip flops on. Jai was wearing something similar but grey we smiled and packed a few things then walked out the door we walked over to the girls house and knocked Bianca opened it and smiled It then grew into a smirk when her sister turned up next to her they let us in Jai and I then realised what they were smirking about we were matched Sophia was wearing a grey bikini with a grey belly shirt and denim short shorts and Bianca was wearing the same but blue we all bursted out laughing when we finished we realised the girls disappeared jai and I looked around til we found them in the kitchen “what are you doing” I asked as we wrapped our arms around their waists they giggled and turned to face us so we were chest to chest “we are pack a picnic for lunch we know what you Italian boys are like we’re the same” Bianca said “what” “we’re also half Australian and half Italian” we smiled “awesome well are you girls ready” jai and I said in unison they giggled then nodded “oh wait we forgot to get our necklaces and sunnies hang on two seconds” Sophia said as they dashed up stairs when they came back down Bianca had on a necklace that said Mrs Luke brooks and blue sunnies while Sophia was wearing a Mrs Jai Brooks necklace with green sunnies “very cute ladies” Jai said I nodded in agreement.

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