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2. Gone for a Drive

“Hey! Wait!!” Kayden yells, “Jason, NO!” Then a second shot is fired. It misses me. I dart between trees and zig zag across the park. My feet take over and I run. No thought. Just running. I hurtle a log and keep going. My feet hit the moist grass one after the other with amazing fluidity. I fly into the street without looking back and zip down the sidewalk faster than I have ever gone. My purse slams against my side with every step I take. I don’t know where either man is and I am to scared to look. I keep going. I take a hard right down and alley into the dark and throw myself behind a dumpster. I try to breath as quiet as I can.

I reach for my phone with shaky hands and try to dial 911. Big mistake. All of a sudden my head hits the ground as an enormous weight is thrown on top of me. My phone is thrown to the side and I have no way to defend myself.  I struggle to get out from under him but he is much stronger than me. I don’t know which man it is. It doesn’t really matter.

My head spins from hitting the floor and I lay, pinned on the ground. I gasp for air and try to squirm out from under neath of him.

“Who are you?!” He yells in my face. I don’t respond. I just go still. He looks me dead in the eyes. For a second he doesn’t do anything. Then we both hear the yelling that probably saved my life.

“Kayden?! Where are you!?” Jason yells. He sounds at least a block away. I see Kayden look up and scans his options. He makes a quick movement and I don’t resist. He grabs me by the mouth and pulls me to the side of the alley, hidden by the shadow of the dumpster.  He is crouched with a hand over my mouth and I lay in front of him with my hands on his arm. I stay still and quiet. We see Jason’s silhouette pass by as he glances down the alley. Kayden loosens his grip on my mouth and I can feel him physically relax. He stands up and I stay still, laying on the ground propped up by my arms.

He paces back and forth for a minute. I don’t dare move. I have always trusted my gut. It has never done me in and I don’t think it will fail me now. And right now, my gut is telling me that no matter what, Kayden won’t hurt me. I sit up a little bit more and he doesn’t pay me any attention. Finally I work up the nerve to say something.

“Kayden, right?” I ask quietly. His head snaps to face me and he just stares at me. I don’t think he knows what to do with me.

“How much did you hear?” He asks. My gut tells me to tell the truth.

“Enough.” I say. He pulls a gun off his hip and aims it directly at my forehead. I keep my eyes on his.  My hands are shaky but I stay still. “I don’t think you’re going to hurt me.” I say firmly.

“You heard too much. They would kill you. Or me. Or both of us.” He says. He looks back and forth, distracted. I slowly stand up in front of him. I never thought all those lectures from my dad would ever do anything, but to my dismay, I start doing what I was always instructed.

“My name is Elizabeth Reed. I am 19 and have lived here my entire life. My best friends are-“

“I don’t care! Be quiet. I need to think.” He says, and I do. He knows enough that I’m confident I won’t end up dead tonight.  I glance over to the ground where my phone lays open.  I don’t dare reach for it. I stand there at gunpoint for another couple minutes before he finally lowers it and replaces it on his hip. Then things kick back into high gear.

He grabs my upper arm and pulls me inches away from his face.

“Listen. I need to get out of here. Now.  And I can’t leave you here, so you’re coming with me.” Confused, I don’t resist.

“Where are we going?” I ask as we speed along down the sidewalk.

“Be quiet. Don’t make any noise, ok?” He says as we re-enter the park.

We walked quickly through the park to the dark side of the play set where I had been hiding. We stop as he looks around for a second before continuing towards his car.  He opens the passenger door and let's go of my arm. I look at him but don't get in. "Look. I don't want to cause trouble, let alone hurt you. So we can do this the easy way, or the hard way." He says holding the door open with a quick glance over his shoulder. I decide to do as he asks and slip in the car.  He shuts the door and walks around the front to his side, climbs in and starts the car. We drive about ten minutes before he takes a right into the corner mart parking lot. We stop and sit there for a few minutes. I sit still. I glance over once or twice and Kayden just stares out the front windshield.   "Normally I would take you to your house and let you grab some clothes or something but you have a tendency to run so that won't be happening." He says, not looking at me. "We'll buy you something once we get out of here." He says. And we leave.  I am being held hostage. You would think I would be scared. And I am in a way, but I'm not afraid of this guy. He seems nervous. I think that is my only advantage here. So I play off of it.  "So what do you want out of?" I ask timidly. He looks over at me, then back to the road. "Nothing." He says firmly. "Who is Jason?" I ask. "No one." Apparently I won't be getting much out of him. Instead I start to memorize details that might help me later. I memorize the cars make and model. Ford Fusion. Either a 2009 or a 2010.  Not sure. It's dark blue but that's all I can tell from the inside. I turn in my seat to face Kayden and start memorizing him. He has dark brown, curly hair that is cropped short and dark brown eyes. He has strong cheek bones and thick eye brows. He is a couple shades darker than I am and is, I'm guessing, about 5"9.  I am 5"4. Eventually I fall asleep. Probably a stupid idea but my eyelids keep getting heavier. I wake up when the car stops. It's still dark outside when we park in front of a small blue house. Kayden parks the car, gets out and locks the doors. He walks halfway up the front walk before turning back to me. He mouthes 'stay in the car'. I throw my hands up in innocence and sit tight.  It's scarier out there than it is in here.  Kayden knocks on the front door and a guy in his mid 20's answers. He welcomes Kayden in before shutting the door. I slump in my seat, still tired. I almost drift off a few times before Kayden comes back 15 minutes later. When he re starts the car, I immediately fall asleep. 

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