I must be dreaming!

Tori, a teenage girl, was in love with One Direction. She had their posters covering her walls, and for the first time, she got their concert tickets and backstage passes. What happens when Tori meets one of the guys and they fall in love, and they can't control their emotions? read to find out.


18. Who is the girl?

Tori's POV

David was warmly greeted by my parents when he walked in the door. He got along with my parents really well. When he even went to go to the bathroom, my parents said he was my best boyfriend ever. We had dinner, watched some TV together, and my parents even let him stay the night!

When we were about to get into my warm bed, David's phone rang. He went into the hallway to answer his phone. I know I shouldn't have, but I listened through the door anyway. It was really easy too, since this girl's voice was loud and obnoxious through the phone.

(D-David, R-Random girl)

R- Hi David! Are you back from California yet? I miss you so much!

D- Yes, I am, and I am busy, so make your point quick.

R- Oh, I see how you feel. I just wanted to have a friendly conversation with the best guy in the world!

D- Well, I am sorry, but I have to go.

And then, without warning, he hung up on her. I had to run to my bed, and make it look like I was doing something energetic. I started flopping like a fish. What was I thinking?

"Um, Tori?" I was still flopping when I answered. "Yes, David?" "What is God's name are you doing?" "Oh, right. Well, it's this new exercise to get you awake. I do this at night, cuz ya know I am a total night owl." He must not think that I'm a weirdo, thankfully, because he laughed and got into bed next to me, and flopped with me.

After ten minutes of flopping, I got under the covers with him, and we snuggled together. I finally got the guts to ask him, "Who was that girl?" He answered, "Nobody important." "Why did she sound totally in love with you David?" "It may be because we dated a few years ago, and we never fully broke up..." He said nervously. "Get out of my house right this second. I never want to see you again." Okay, I may have just overreacted a little.

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