I must be dreaming!

Tori, a teenage girl, was in love with One Direction. She had their posters covering her walls, and for the first time, she got their concert tickets and backstage passes. What happens when Tori meets one of the guys and they fall in love, and they can't control their emotions? read to find out.


20. The prank call that changed it all

*when One Direction comes back from tour.*

Tori's POV

David still hasn't talked to me. I haven't moved on though. I also became the most hated girl in school, because One Direction was a wreck throughout the whole tour. Apparently, the news got out that I left Harry behind like that, now everyone at school hates me.

One Direction came back to London from their tour yesterday, and now the stress is back. Kaitlyn arrived at my house when she got back, and Katelyn also told me that she and Niall are dating. I knew he had feelings for someone else other than me.

Kaitlyn and I had a major sleepover that night. We bought a whole bunch of candy, soda, movies, and new sleepwear. We had so much fun! We even prank-called people from the phone book. Then, we got a different idea! We prank-called One Direction. We heard they were staying at Harry's, so I blocked my number, then I called his.

(H-Harry, T-Tori)

H- Hello? Who is this?

T-(using a man's voice) Yes, we control your house payments. You haven't payed your bills in about a year. You owe us $1,000,000.

H-F***, I am so sorry. I thought I have been paying my bills, are you open at this time of night so I can come down and solve the problem?

T- No, Mr.Styles, we are very busy right now it looks like, we can have you come visit us in ten years.

H- Ok thank you- wait in ten years? Is this a prank or something?

T-(in normal voice to Kaitlyn, but Harry can still hear it.) Crap, he's onto us Katelyn!

*hangs up*

"I think he heard you!" Kaitlyn said. My phone started ringing. It was Harry. I picked it up and answered "H-he-hello?" "Tori, this isn't funny, you almost gave me a hea-" I cut him off by hanging up on him. "That was close." I told Kaitlyn.

The doorbell rang. "Do you think it's-" "OPEN UP TORI, I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!" "Can you please answer it for me?" I asked Kaitlyn. "Come on, your going to have to face him sometime, might as well be now." "Fine." I muttered for myself only to hear.

I opened the door and he stood there, but he didn't look as mad as I thought. My face completely went from scared to guilt. I don't know what I was thinking, but I hugged him, very tightly, and he hugged me back. "It's totally my fault that you left us. I'm sorry for cheating on you when I was drunk. I'm sorry for being jealous when you got a boyfriend." "I forgive you." I whispered into his chest. "I love you too." he said back to me.

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