I must be dreaming!

Tori, a teenage girl, was in love with One Direction. She had their posters covering her walls, and for the first time, she got their concert tickets and backstage passes. What happens when Tori meets one of the guys and they fall in love, and they can't control their emotions? read to find out.


14. I have a lot of explaining to do

Tori's POV

Harry Styles is mad at me. I never thought I would ever even meet him, but I did, and he was mad at me, for having a boyfriend. Well, someone's jealous. I laughed in my head for a minute, then I decided to walk out to where everyone else was.

There was talking going on, and I think it was about me. Everyone was there, but Harry. "Hey guys, what happened?" I asked the group. Stupid question, I know. "You tell us." Liam said. Well, this was awkward. All eyes were on me, and I couldn't speak, I was speechless.

Then, I told them everything that happened, and nobody said a word throughout the whole thing. It's like they actually cared, which was weird. But Katelyn, was mad. She had a fiery look in her eyes that I have never seen before.

Throughout the whole day, Harry still didn't come back. and it was 5:00. The week passed by really fast by the way, and we were leaving tomorrow no matter what. So, if he didn't come back, then we were going to have to either find him, or leave him here.

I was getting super bored, because everyone was either watching a movie, trying to find Harry, or on their phones. I decided to text David.

(T=Tori D=David)

T- Hey! I miss you, do you want to come to my hotel room and meet my friends?

D- Sure, that sounds fun! What hotel are you staying at? We might be at the same one.

T- The one right around the Starbucks where we met

D-Oh, cool! me too! haha tell me the room number and I'll be right there!

T- room number 900

D- Lucky! I heard that's the size of a whole floor! i'll be there in a sec.

And he was right! He was here in twenty seconds. These elevators are fast.

I opened the door, then he hugged me and kissed my forehead, then I invited him in. "Wow, I was right, it was the size of a whole floor." he said in amazement. "Yeah, well, I'm with One Direction, so that would be true." "Woah, aren't they like the biggest boyband in the world or something?" "I think so, so I guess." I answered.

Just then, Katelyn walked in. "Who is this?" she asked me, talking about David of course. "This is David, my new boyfriend." I smiled at the thought of that and she said, "Well, nice to meet you David, I'm Kaitlyn, Tori's best friend for infinity." Then we all started laughing.

Then, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall walked in and started laughing with us. "Is this your boyfriend?" Louis asked in a little girl voice. I couldn't help but laugh and nod. "Hey, I thought there was five boys in One Direction, where is the fifth?" David asked.

"Well, I have a lot of explaining to do." I said, and we all sat on the couch. I explained to David what happened to Harry with the help of the other boys and Katelyn. David understood completely, then said, "Well, I would be jealous too, Tori is very beautiful, and she has the best personality, how could anyone not love that?" I smiled, and the boys went out to find Harry, and Katelyn went with them, so it was just David and I.

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