I must be dreaming!

Tori, a teenage girl, was in love with One Direction. She had their posters covering her walls, and for the first time, she got their concert tickets and backstage passes. What happens when Tori meets one of the guys and they fall in love, and they can't control their emotions? read to find out.


9. Getting myself together

Harry's POV:

"We're going on tour in a week." was all I said. I didn't get to say anything else because she ran out the door in tears. I should have said the good part first. Now, she'll never know that she was going to be able to come on tour with us.

Tori's POV:

I ran to Kaitlyn's house, not knowing what to do. Besides, my mom thinks I'm here right now anyway. I knocked on the door, and in five seconds, Kaitlyn was there. She saw me crying and made me follow her to her room.

I sat on the bed, and she closed the door and said, "Spill it sista!" trying to lighten the mood. It worked a little. I told her everything and the whole time she listened. How did I get a best friend like her? She was thinking for a moment, then said something. "Well, you know he can't control when he goes on tour."

"Yes, I know that, but if they leave in a week, he should've told me earlier." Then she thought, opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"I know, he hates me. He wanted to not make this awkward if we see each other again, so he waited till the last minute to say goodbye, because he hates me." I barely choked out the last part, then started crying again.

In the morning, me and Kaitlyn went to school, because it was Monday, and I was probably the most poplar one there now. This was unbelievable, everyone was asking about Harry. It got annoying and I finally got a headache at lunch. EVERYONE wanted to sit with me. And I mean everyone.

The table was so full that I couldn't help but yell at them, "LEAVE ME ALONE! ONE DIRECTION HATES MY GUTS! THEY PROBABLY FELT BAD FOR ME OR SOMETHING, SO UNLESS YOU WANT BROKEN RIBS, I SUGGEST THAT YOU LEAVE!!!!!" It was silent for a moment, then people started running away to the far end of the other end of the room. I sighed of happiness, and felt better instantly.

At the end of the day, my Mom picked me up from school. "So, how did you do on that project?" Was this lady crazy or something? Oh right, the fake one. "Oh, it was fine Mom." We FINALLY got home, and I ran to my room. For some reason, after I screamed at everyone, I felt better, but I don't know why.

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