He Found Me

I can't believe He Found Me.
(Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


3. Night With Justin

Justin's POC
"He's your what?!?!??" She said. "He's my dad..." I said again. "I herd you the fist time!! Ughhhh!!! What the hell?!?!?!" She said clearly frustrated "look, I know this is hard on you but I have been through the while thing before. I understand how you feel, I felt exactly like this a year ago when my mom and dad got a divorce- except I had  no one there for me like you do" I say "who??" She asked "me" I smiled "ill be here for you when you need me. Trust me all hell just started!! Soon you will either have to live with your mom or dad and have to visit one of them on the weekend. Or one of your parents will feel bad for not spending enough time with you and make you do 'fun' stuff with them." I say annoyed at how my life is now "I just want you to know what your feeling is normel!! I felt like I wanted to kill my parents a week after they got divorced because they did this to me." I said. She just looked at me with a glare "sorry" I say looking down with a sigh. "It's fine I guess, thanks for being here for me if I need you-" "which you will" I blurt out loud whoops!!! I apologized again. 

We talked for what seemed like hours then decided to watch a movie. She got up and started to put in mean girls but I stopped her "wait!! Can we watch a scary movie???" She pretended the think "ummmm, how bout no??" She said I chuckled and said "how bout yes??" Raising my eyebrow. "Nooooo!!!! I hate scary movies!!" She whinnied " I love them!! Just one movie then we won't watch another one!!"I say  "Nooooo!" She whines again "I'm gonna tickle you!!" I say running after her as she laughs and runs away from me. Did I tell you how much I love her laugh?? I just wanna make her laugh all day long!!  I grab her and tackle her to the ground tickling her until she begs for Mersey 
 "JUS-STIN!!!! ST-TOP!!!!" She screamed and laughed. "Say  justin is the sexiest man alive" I say 
"No!!   " she tells trying to catch her breath. I  tickle her again "say it!!" I say "FINE-E" she gives up 
 M-MAN ALIVE-E" she says. I climb off and turn on insidious and she soon cuddled her body close to mine flinching every time she herd a loud noise. She is too cute and i promise to keep her out of harm and to never hurt her. I hold her close as the movie comes to an end. She stayed in my arms too scared to get up "hey, are you okay??" I ask "no..." She said. "Come here." She gave me a hug " it's just a movie plus I won't ever let anyone hurt you. I promise." I said 

Alexis' POV
"It's just a movie plus I won't ever let anyone hurt you. I promise" he said making me blush like crazy!! "I'm scared" I say hoping he would hold me so I can breath in his beautiful sent, he grabbed me and sang quietly to me. I Love his voice!! It's like an angle came by and took me to heaven!! (Get it?? :P) "your voice is really good!!" I say "thank you haha" he said laughing a bit. After a long time of silence, not the awkward kind but the peaceful kind he asked   "wanna talk and get to know each other??, i have a feeling we will see a lot if each other" He asked "sure haha" I chuckled. "Ok twenty questions!!" He said "ill start, what's your favorite color??" He asked he's so childish!! "Purple haha" I say laughing at his question. "My turn!!" I say with excitement making him laugh. His laugh is to die for!! "how old are you?" I ask him "19 he says "what about you?? How old are you??" I smile and respond "I'm 18, almost 19 though" "do you have any siblings??" I ask "yes, I have one little brother and one little sister" he says "do you have a boyfriend??" He asks taking me by surprise. "No, I don't anymore..." "What do you mean not anymore haha" he asked "we'll he kinda cheated on me and I broke up with him about three weeks ago" I say frowning "look babe, he's a jerk for cheating on someone as beautiful as you, he really must be blind not to see what he had right in front of him. I mean your beautiful!! Any smart guy could see that!! He's missing out on you! So don't be sad. It's his loss!!" He said did he just call me beautiful and babe?!?!?! OMG he's killing me!!! "Thank you Justin" I smile at him and he winks. "My turn!!" I say " do you have a girlfriend??" I ask. ugh please say no!! please say no!! Oh of course he does I mean look at him!! I bet he had girls lined up at his feet!!  " no. I'm one single Pringle" he said snapping me from my thoughts making me laugh " your laugh is adorable" he said making me blush again. Ughh what this boy does to me!!"thanks" I say " is Alexis blushing???" He Asks oh shit!! "ummm no!!" I say covering my face with my hands. I feel his hands in my wrist pulling them away "don't hide your beautiful face" he says looking In my eyes. OMG his eyes make me wanna melt right here right now!! He licks his lips and moves closer to me. Oh shit is he gonna kiss me?? All the sudden he cups my face with his hands and I feel his warm lips on mine. I kiss back and hold onto his neck, oh Lordy he is such a good kisser!!! I feel butterfly's erupt in my stomach my knees melt and I feel like I'm in heaven all the sudden!!! I don't ever want to stop!! The door opens making us pull away quickly. "Oh....um...sorry guys..." Justin's dad says. "I was just saying bye it's getting pretty late..." He says. Could it get any more awkward. " hey guys" my mom says as she walks in the room. I stand corrected, it could get worse ad did!!! "What have y'all been up to??" She asks. Justin's dad chuckles to himself making my mom question what just happened. Thanks a lot!!!! " Jeramy, what happened??" She whispers to him     "they were making out!!" He blurts out  laughing "dad!!" Justin yells "why the hell are you laughing?!?!" My mom asks Jeramy. "I'm laughing cuz it's weird and I don't know what to do!!!" He chuckles. "Can you guys get out?!?!" I yell making everyone jump and look at me. "Thank you!!" I say shewing them out. I turn to Justin in shock... "I'm sorry..." He said after a while. "For what haha??" I chuckle. "For kissing you, I know we just met but it felt right" he said "No!! Don't be!! I liked it..." I blushed liking down he picked my head up and kissed me again. "Goodnight beautiful" he said as he kissed me on the forehead." Good night justin" I say.

Hope you liked this chapter haha it was funny,cute, and embarrassing!! Poor Justin and Alexis!!   
What do you think their parents think about the kiss??

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