He Found Me

I can't believe He Found Me.
(Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


2. My Crazy Night Just Keeps Getting Better

Alexis' POV 
Justin insisted he walk me home he said its too dangerous outside to be alone. When we got to my house I turned the porch light on so we could talk. i finally got a chance to look at him. I turn my head to face him, he.is.beautiful!!!  Holy shit!! His eyes where big and honey comb brown, his shirt was just tight enough to see his perfectly shaped abs, his hair was messy but sexy because he was fighting that guy, his perfect jaw line and cute little freckles everywhere on his face oh and those big plump lips!!! He's one handsome guy that's for sure!!

Justin's POV
As we walked to Alexis' house I couldn't help myself from getting exited to see what she looked like, I bet she is as beautiful as she sounds when she talks. When we arrived at her house she turned the porch light on so we could talk. I couldn't stop starring at her face. She's beautiful!! She has the biggest brown eyes, the cutest little nose, brown curly hair that flows down to her ass,oh and did I mention her ass?!?! Oh man it's sexy alright. She's got the looks of everything in a  girl I want!! I was speechless, I was just standing there like an idiot with my mouth opened !! Do something Justin!! "Your adorable" i say, oh Geez! 'your adorable'??Really?? Now she's gonna think I'm a freak!! Shes laughing now!! Nice one Justin nice one...

Alexis' POV 
"Your adorable" he said making me blush and laugh at the same time. "Thanks, Your adorable too" I chuckle.He smiled and thanked me. "Can I have you number??" He asked nervously "ummmm....sure??" "Thanks, I-I don't want you t-to get hurt again s-so....t-that's why-y...you know??...." He asked stuttering "okay whatever you say" I said resting s hand on his shoulder and winked at him making him relax a little. I gave him my number an he left. 

I went inside and saw my mom and another guy making out?? Wheres my dad?? What are they doing?? I walk up to them, it's like they don't even know I'm standing right here! "Mom!" I shout at her. She whips her neck and stared at me like I'm a ghost or something. "H-hello sweetheart-t..." She stutters. "What the hell are you doing?!?!" I ask. She looks at the guy awkwardly sitting there and mouths something to him, I can't make out what she said though. He nods and gets up. "I'm Jeramy, I didn't want to meet you like this but since we're all here..." He sticks his hand out for me to shake, I stare at him with a wtf face and he sits back down. "Mom...what's g-going on?? Are you cheating on dad?!?!" I say as tears threaten to fall. She  sighs and opens her mouth "honey, me and your dad never really had anything special, we never felt the love anymore after you were born..." Where is she going with this?!?! "Your dad and I decided it's best if her get a divorce... It's all said and done this Sunday. I'm really sorry sweety" she says she took a step Foward to hug me but I take a step back "when were you gonna tell me??and how long have you guys been dating?!?" I ask "we'll we've been dating for a little over 2 months. We were gonna tell you tonight. But you were home late. Where were you??" "Don't you dare change the subject!! How could you?!?! I c-can't believe-e this!" I say crying. "Please don't be mad at us! We did this because we love you!!" She yelled after me as I ran up the stars, trying not to trip with blurry vision and unstoppable tears.

I got in my room crying my eyes out on my bed thinking about my awful day when i got a text 'Unknown new text message' it read. I opened my iPhone confused. "hello beautiful(; it's Justin. What are you doing?? xxoo" I smile save his number to "Justin(:"  and respond "hey(: just crying on my bed...what about you??xoxo" I sent. Within' a few seconds I got a respond "aw why are you crying?? Do u wanna call me and talk to me?? I'm just thinkin about you(; xxxxo"
I reply "could you come over??xoxo"
"Yeah sure, anything for you(: be there in a few! xxo" he replyed I didn't feel like texting him back so I just layed on my bed crying more.

Justin POV
I was really worried about Alexis! I wander why she's crying. I quickly grab my car keys and head to her house for the second time tonight. When I got there I saw a familiar car parked in the drive way. I knocked on the door "just a minute!!" Someone yelled through the door. A nice looking ladie opened the door " hi, I'm Justin. I'm here for Alexis." I say she opens the door opened for me and I walk in. Her house was really big, cozy and warm.I look in the walk to see a ton of pictures of Alexis. She's too cute!! "Justin?" I whipped my neck to see who called me. "Dad?? What are you doing here??" I ask really confused. "Justin this is my new girlfriend I was talking about earlier." He said "nice to meet you Justin" she said friendly "how do you know Alexis??" She added "I met her tonight, she texted me saying she wanted me to come over, is she here??" I ask. The lady showed me her room and left. I knocked twice before entering. "Hey there gorgeous" I say. She turned to me sat up and patted the spot next to her. I sat down next he her. " hey don't worry, shhhhh" I embraced her in a hug " don't cry, everything's gonna be alright are you okay??did the creepy guy come back??" I ask hoping he didn't. She told me everything that happened. I sat patiently not rushing her to talk.

 Her mom is dating my dad?? Okay this is weird. Should u tell her he's my dad?? "Is that guy your mom was cheating on on the couch with her??" I ask. please say no!!please say no!!  "Yeah, why??" She asks oh great!! "that's my dad" I say holding my breath to see how she will respond. 

Chapter 2 I hope you enjoyed it, I tried to make it longer for you guys. Give me advise?? 
What did you think about Alexis' mom and Justin's dad dating?? Comment, like, and favorite please!! Love ya!! <3  

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