He Found Me

I can't believe He Found Me.
(Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


1. He Found Me

 Alexis' POV
I cant help but feel like im bejng watched. You know how i feel?? its really  annoying!! maybe someone is statting at me. i turned my head to see a tall man with really big muscles, a berd and was bald, probubly in his  40's. He's  burning holes into the back of my head. Why is he starring at me? Do I have something on my head? Ok this is really creeping me out!! What do I do? Keep it together Alexis!!I turn my head again and wave my hand  at him all he did was glare at me.
I wish he would stop it! Its been like ten minouts and hes still starring at me!! ok enoughs enough!!  "Would you please stop starring at me?!?" I yell making the whole bus jump and stare at us. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have done that... Now he looks mad... All I did was tell him to stop, he can't be that mad, right? Although I did make everyone stare at him... Ugh why are you so stupid Alexis?!? I'm scared now wh-BEEEEEEP!!! The bus rang tearing me out of my thoughts as I reached my bus stop. I quickly grabbed my bag, stood up and head for the bus door. 

Once I got off the bus I stretched my arms out and headed home. I herd foot steps behind me so I tuned my head around. I felt my stomach drop, the palms of my hand got sweaty and my heart couldn't get a steady beat. It was the creepy  guy from the bus!! Oh shit!! What do i do?!?! Think Alexis, think!! "Ummmmm" I thought to myself trying to figure out what to do. "Hey you!" he said "you look like you could use some fun" I suddenly felt this big tug on my arm and I feel like I'm being pushed against something hard, I yell for help but it's too late at night for anyone to hear me!! I try to get away but he's too strong.

"shut up!" He says "GET AWAY FROM ME!!" I yell "shut up and do as I say!" He says "STOP!! YOUR HURTING ME!!" I say as tears threatened to fall.

Justin's POV
I was walking home from watching the hockey game at Chaz's house when I herd a scream from the all too familiar ally, u see, Chaz, Ryan and I would always take that path from and back to school. It was way easier and faster than the other way, in my opinion. I ran through the ally and saw a helpless girl with a man on top of her. Is he trying to rape her? It  was like my feet got stuck to the floor, I couldn't move but I knew I couldn't just stand here, she needs me! I run up the man and kick him in the stomach making him turn over in his back. I climb on him punching him right on the nose making blood run down his mouth as he tried to run away, he's not getting off that quick!!  I quickly run after him and kick him where it hurts to where hes now bent over on his stomach, i punch him in the eye 
immediately  watching it turn purple, "IM SORRY!" he yells and with that he disappeared off into the dark ally. I ran to the now crying girl an embraced her into a tight hug "it's alright!" I told her as she fletched  away from me "don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you!! your safe now. Shhhhh" i told her and she allowed me to hold her. "Thank you..." She said with the most terrified yet beautiful voice Iv ever herd " don't worry about it princess" after a while we got up and started to walk I'm guessing to her house. "I'm Justin" I say trying to calm her down as she cried "I'm Alexis" she sniffled "that's a beautiful name" I say

Alexis' POV
"Don't worry  I'm  not going to hurt you!! Your safe now. Shhhhh" he told me as he hugged me tight. Something about his voice made me clam down "thank you..." I said "don't worry about it princess" he said. did he just call me princess? I blushed and stood up followed by the guy "I'm Justin" he said, aw Justin's a cute name! i whipped the last few tears I had and told him my name "that's a beautiful name" he said making me blush again. I can't beleive He Found Me!
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