Reach for your Dreams

~Justin Bieber Fan Fiction~

(SEQUEL to Living the Dream)

I thought that nothing would ever come true. My dreams all seem so far to reach for, but in reality they were right in front of me. I was able to grasp them. I could go higher and achieve all I wanted. This time the haters couldn't take me down... or so I thought.

They get to you eventually and break you down inside. I knew it was to good to be true. Living the dream has it's consequences and I have to face them. Push through the pain. And to think after graduation everything would be easier and simpler.

The nightmares from before, were still untold. The secret of Justin has still been untold, for now. It's an all day cycle of torture for the both of them. Will they overcome it? There love for each other only gets stronger everyday, but eventually it'll come crashing down...

(If you haven't read Living the Dream this won't make sense)


3. Houston we have a Problem


Bruce Shuter…”

Oh dear God. It’s coming soon. Cool your roll. I got this…I think.

“Lauren Sill…”

 Holy shit. I’m not ready for this. Who am I kidding? My palms are sweating majorly. Ew. Get a hold of yourself!

“Brienna Silversmith…” Shit! Okay I got this…

 I began to walk slowly up to receive my diploma, making sure not to trip over my own my feet. I shook hands with University official of USC while they took a photo of me collecting my diploma. My mother most likely taking pictures of me too in the crowd of people. I heard my brother, and Justin shout my name over the loud cheers, and clapping. I smiled before walking off the stage.  

My nerves were slowly fading away. I began my descent back to my seat along with the other students. More students began to stand up and walk up towards the make-shift stage. We sat there most of the time waiting for them finishing saying all the names of the students.

A couple of times I made awkward eye contact with Brad. His eyes held so much raw emotion. It tore me apart inside. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, with dark bags under his eyes. I felt horrible because I was probably the reason for him looking like that.

I looked down at my hands afraid to look up again and meet his devastating eyes again. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to avoid this forever. I was bound to come across him again. Especially in class.

“… and I now pronounce you the Class of 2014!” Everyone throws their cap in the air to celebrate their achievements. I smile, and throw my cap in the air along with the others. I was finally graduated from USC. You could hear the hoots, and cheers from the sea of people in front of us. Everyone looked so happy to be done. A couple people I barely knew hugged me randomly, but I didn’t care.

I was done with this place! I was proud of myself. I collect my cap off the ground. I hear a throat clear from beside me. I quickly snap my head up to see the owner of the noise. It’s him…

“Brad…”I say breathlessly.

“Hey.” He speaks softly meeting my eyes. He looks broken. His eyes no longer held the excitement they held before when I was with him. They were gloomy, dark, and dejected. All because of me…

“Can I talk to you?” He added looking down at the ground now, not meeting my gaze.

I hesitated at first, but agreed. Slowly nodding my head to assure him that it was okay. He begins to walk, and I follow slowly behind him. I look back to see Justin starting his way towards us, but hold my index finger to tell him to give me some time. I can tell he hesitates at first. I give him a look that lets him know I’ll be fine, and I need to deal with this myself.  He nods his head in understanding, and turns around to walk back to my family.

We finally come across a long hallway. Brad stops his body, and turns his body so he faces me. He opens his mouth, but no words come out right away. As if he’s trying to find the right words to say to me. It was a deadly quiet. Neither of us said a word except stare at each other.

Then he broke the silence.”Brienna…I-I…” He stopped unsure of his next words that were to come.

“Look Brienna I don’t know how to say this any other way…” He paused before running a hand through his hair, and looking towards the ground again. I could tell he was nervous, and stressed by just that action. “… but I’m still in love with you.” He spoke quietly before meeting my gaze once more.

I gaped at what he just spoke to me. I mean what was I suppose to do. The man admitted he still loved me! I mean I knew he still wasn’t over me, but I didn’t think he was still madly in love with me.

He took my quietness as a chance to continue on. “Look I-I…I know you might not feel the same right now, but I needed to get it off my chest. I don’t think you realized this Brienna, but I’ve had a crush on you before you even come across me at that restaurant.” He sighed at my lack of communication. “It kills me every day seeing you in the magazines, or the news with him.” He said “him” with so much disgust. I’m assuming he was referring to Justin. “I can’t even sleep at night Brienna… knowing you aren’t with me, and you’re in another man’s arm.” He croaked. I could sense the raw emotion in his voice, and facial features.

“I need you Brienna…I’m so, so, so sorry for everything that happened.” He spoke as tears threatened to leave his eyes. He slowly took a step closer to me till he was mere inches away from me. I could feel the heat radiating of him. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost in my own thoughts. I could feel my own tears threatening to leave.

“Brad…” I suddenly felt overwhelmed with grief. “I-I can’t.” I finally got out. Looking down at my twisted fingers.

“Why not?!” His voice croaked as tears began to roll down his cheeks. It almost brought me to tears to see a man crying over me.

“You know why Brad.” I said looking away from him, ashamed of my own myself.

“It doesn’t need to be this way Brienna.” His distraught face showing so much emotion at once. “We could be together. I need you Brienna!” He cried out.

I shook my head in refusal. I really did love Brad at one point, and not a day goes by that I don’t regret falling in love with him. A part of me still loves him.

“I did really love you Brad at one point… but things have changed.” I spoke gingerly. “And I accept your apologies, even though you didn’t do much except be a protective boyfriend, but I don’t think this could continue.” I swiftly said. I could see his whole posture change. He was desperate to do anything for me. It saddens me to see him like this. I had already broken him.

“We could always be good friends.” I suggested trying to lighten his mood, but that wasn’t going to work.

“I don’t want to be friends…” He gruffly said before continuing on. “…but if that’s my only way in being close to you then, I’ll take it.” He said sadly.

“That’s great then.” A small smile creeps to my face. “We could work this out after all." I said, but his expression said he wanted more. A sad smile came to his face.

“Brienna, c-can I ask you for a favor?” He asked.

“Uh sure?” It came out more like a question, than it did as a reply.

“I-I was wondering if I could get… one last kiss?” He gushed out. “I mean I don’t think I’ll see you ever again…” He said dolefully.

“Umm I-I don’t know Brad.” I said stuttering. Was this really what he was asking for? My mind was at a constant battle on whether or not I should agree to his favor or not…

Before I could think of what I should do in this situation he takes one step closer to me. His chest is now brushing mine, and his labored breath is caressing my face. At first my body froze at the closeness of our bodies, but it began to relax when I realized it was just Brad. I didn’t say anything except stare at him. His eyes met mine before gazing down to my lips. His eyes reflected passion, and maybe even lust…

His hand slowly moved to cup my cheek. One of his long skilled fingers skimmed across my bottom lip sending shivers up and down my body. He began to lean in slowly, closing his eyes in the process shortly after I closed my eyes. I could feel his lips now moving against mine. This time I didn’t stand like a stick- although I was still in shock- but I quickly got over it, and kissed him back.

I moved my hands up to the back of his neck so I could pull him closer to me, deepening the kiss. His lips devoured me. Soon after I felt his tongue run across my bottom lip giving him access to my mouth so he can slip it inside. His tongue began to twirl around with my tongue-almost as if they were at war with each other. His kisses were hungry, and filled with need. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it…

My hands moved up to his hair running through them, and pulling softly on it. A deep throaty moan escaped his mouth; the sound hitting straight to my abdomen. As if his moan was a wake-up call to what we were doing, I immediately pulled away. Both our breaths were labored. His cheeks are now flush, probably like mine. His lips a shade darker now.

I look down at the ground not meeting his eyes ashamed by my own actions. “I have to go now Brad.” I replied frowning.

He didn’t say anything back in reply. I began walking back towards where my family and Justin are, only to hear him utter the words that made my heart flutter.

“I’m still going to fight for you Brienna…” I didn’t dare to look back at him; afraid if I did I would come running back to him. His eyes are my weakness. They hold me to the spot. They held so much, and I just couldn’t stand how weak I was over that.

Tears began their descent down my face, but no noise escaped my mouth. I quickly wiped the tears away. I didn’t want anyone to start asking me questions as to why I was crying. I just didn’t need that right now.

I stopped before walking over; making sure to compose myself so it didn’t look like anything happened in the past ten minutes or more since I’ve been gone.

I began my walk over to them, keeping my stance and posture the same. When I was in sight for Justin he looked back at me scanning to make sure I was okay. I quickly smiled to him to assure him I was fine. In return he gave me one of his pearly white smiles.

I could tell he was getting along well with my family. They were all smiling, and laughing with each other. I felt if I walked over there I would probably ruin their perfect moment. But I needed to hide how I was feeling at the moment, and try to be myself. Although I was putting up my façade of being alright, I still felt guilt wash over me like a wave. To top it off when I was now closer to Justin, he decided to wrap his arm around my waist bringing me closer to him.

My parents were both smiling in awe at the boy, like he was some sort of miracle. And to tell you the truth he was a miracle. Even my brother had a smile on his face that expressed all of his happiness for me. It only added to the guilt building up inside me. It was a like a monster slowing eating me up inside. I needed to tell Justin as soon as we left the premises of my parents, and brother.

“Hello sweetheart!” My mother gushed before enclosing me into a bone crushing hug. Justin of course had to let go of me to let my mother proceed to knock the wind out my lungs.

“M-mom can’t b-breathe.” I gasped.

“Oh sorry dear!” She apologized sincerely. “I’m just so proud of you.” She said with pure gleam in her eyes. It made my heart just melt a little more to hear my mom utter those words.

“Thanks mom.” I smiled back.

“What about your ol’ pop?” My dad said gruffly. I shuffled over to my dad, and received a big bear hug. It wasn’t as bad as my mothers. Thank God.

“I’m proud of you baby girl.” My dad whispered softly into my ear. Tears began to threaten my eyes, but I held back because I didn’t want to ruin this moment with my tears.

“Thanks dad, a lot.” I looked up before smiling to my beloved dad.

“Yo sis when am I going to get a hug?” My brother joked. A chuckle immediately escaped my lips. I decided to give him one of my bone crushing hugs.

“I was starting to think you loved them more than me.” He said mockingly.

“No need to worry about that dear brother.” I said cheekily. I decided to give him another bone crushing hug before retreating back to Justin’s side.

“S- sis your k-killing me here.” He said in between breathes.

“I know.” I laughed.

“So I see you guys met Justin then?” I questioned a little nervous for their reply.

“Yes we have, and may I say this, but this young man is very well- mannered.” She smiled before continuing on. “And he’s very good on the eyes if I may so myself.” She grinned wickedly.

“Oh dear God mom please tell me you did not just say that just now.” I said mentally slapping my forehead.

“Yes dear I did.” She said gleefully.

“Why thank you Mrs. Silversmith.” Justin smiled cheekily. I decided to elbow him in the side.

“What?” He asked playfully. I roll my eyes at his childish ways.

“Anyways we were just telling Justin here if he would like to join us for your celebratory dinner.” My dad said getting to the point.

“I wouldn’t mind, as long as it’s okay with you guys.” I smiled.

“Great!”My mother said clasping her hands together. “Let’s get going then.” She said more as of command than a question. We all nodded in agreement, and began our walk to where the vehicles were parked. Justin and I were behind while my brother and parents stayed up front. His hand was intertwined with my fingers leaving a fire touchy coursing up my arm. That’s when it hit me from what happened earlier.

“Justin.” I spoke quietly so that only he could hear me.

“Hmm?” He managed to get out before directing his attention to me.

“We need to talk later when were alone with each other.” I spoke slowly to him to make sure he got every word I said.

He wriggled his eyebrows. “You change your mind about this morning?” He smirked wickedly. I hit him upside the head when he wasn’t catching on to the fact this was a serious matter.

“No Justin. I’m being serious.” I said seriously. “I don’t think you’ll be too pleased when I tell you.” I bowed my head looking down at my feet now.

“Brienna what’s wrong?” Worry evident in his voice.

“I’m fine. It’s just something I want to talk about later okay?” I returned my gaze back to his face.

“Okay, but Brienna I just want to let you know that whatever happen, or whatever you did I will always still be there for you.” He smiled back with adoration in his eyes. I nodded before returning my gaze to in front of us.

“That’s the problem; I don’t think you will this time…” I said quietly to myself.

Houston we have a problem...




Author Note:


Please READ! So just a heads up, but I changed all these books to mature content because I think some people weren't able to read it. I think? Anyways there will still be explicit scenes on here so if you don’t feel comfortable reading that or seeing that then you should stop reading this book. I don’t want someone complaining about it, and then I have to change it back to Rated R again. I don’t want to have to do that. Anyways enjoy the update, and don’t forget to read my other Movella’s. Also VOTE, COMMENT, LIKE, and FAVORITE! I need your guys input on my stories!!!

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