Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


13. Tears


so i read the last chapter and im so stupid i was listening to happily when i typed the was supposed to say that liam is going to write half a such a dumbass c'x hehe lmaoo also sorry fro not updating i really am but ima make this one long just for you all and pls read my other fan fics i have four in total including this one oh and happy 2014


Marie's POV


I got a phone call from Nicole.

Hey babe what's up?

M-marie she cried.

What's wrong? What happened?Where's Liam? i asked.when i said Liam she cried harder and hung up.I was confused.What's with Liam.I hope he's okay.I would go check if she and Liam are okay,but I'm grounded because my dad walked in on me and Harry....doing it and he did  not approve.He said I should have waited till I got married.What bull my mom told me he lost his v-card when he was but 14.Haha,but dads will be dads.I should call Harry I thought.

( H=Harry M=Marie)

H-Hey babe how are you?

M-Good and you?

H-I'm great I miss you.

M-Awww..I miss you too baby,Harry can you do me a favor?

H-sure what is it?

M-Well earlier Nikki called and was crying,I asked what's wrong and when I mentioned Liam she cried more and then she hung up. Can you go check on both of them and then call me and tell me whats up?

H-Yea okay babe. I'll leave right now.I'll call you when I'm done talking to Liam.He's closer so I'll go to him first and then I'll go to Nikkis.

M-okay babe thanks talk to you later.

H-okay bye and with that he hung up.

Harry's POV

I drove to Liam's house and it wasn't locked so i entered.Liam I called.Liam James Payne where the hell are you come out NOW! i yelled.Nothing.I walked to his bathroom adn it was empty,then I walked to his room and i saw Liam under the covers.He was crying and in his arms was Nicole's scarf and he hel it tight.

Liam,mate are you okay.He groaned and his hand went up to his head.

Headache?I asked.He nodded and threw a pillow at me.I went to get him some advil and he took the pills.

So Liam what's wrong?

Ni-nicole broke up with me he said.


Because of what i did to Abigal she nows thinks I'm going to play her too and Zayn told her about me in a gang and YOU told her it was true he said and punched my arm.Oww!

I-I'm sorry Harry he said.

It's okay Liam I said and hugged him.

H-harry I just don't know what to do she was my everything..was..she still is my everything..she's my world and I just...I need her.he cried.

Liam it's okay.

NO HARRY! It's not okay Harry! I lost the one I loved with all my haert just becasue of my past.I was tupid for what I did and I changed.Reall I have,but stupid people can never move one!!!!

Liam just cried the whole time and I told him I had to go check on Nicole.He told me to inform him about her and i nodded.I got back in my car and drove to Nicole's house.


Nicole's POV

I called Marie,but that didn't end up well.I decided to call Niall since I was closest to him but he didn't answer so I called Zayn.I scrolled through my contacts aand  callled him.


N-Hi Zayn it's Nicole.

Z-Hey babe what's up?

N-C-can you come over?

Z-Sure why?

N-Just please I'll tell you when you get here I cried.

Z-Okay babe just please don't cry I'll be there in 10.

N-Okay Zayn thanks I said and hung up.Then there was a knock at my door.I groaned and got up to open it.There stood Harry.Hi harry.

Hey Nicole..I heard what hppene are you ok?

I shook my head No and cried.He engulfed me in a hug adn I cried into his shoulder.Shh it's okay he said and rubbed my back.I smiled thinking that Harry and Marie were together and he is such a sweet caring guy.Marie needs someone like that in her life and that someone is Harry.

Hey! You're smiling,harry said.

I guess I am I chuckled.

So how are you?

Ehh...but I'm sure I'll get better.You know what they say,Time heals all wounds...but time can't heal mine I said and cried again.

Nicole it's okay It'll get better and maybe when the time is right you and liam will be reunited again.

Thanks harry and you'e right.How's Liam?

Heartbroken and he ased about you.

Oh well I guess we're both heartbroken huh.He nodded.

Yea well Nikki I have to go see you at school?

Yes I'll be there i said and he left adn a few minutes later there was another knowck.I opened it expecting it to be Zayn,but I was wrong.There stood the guy that I dreaded to see  at that moment.



It was...



So cliffhanger hehe cx pls help me get this fan fic to 400 views pls! and pls read my other fab fics and tell me what y'all think buh-bye and hope y'all like it. :)



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