Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


12. its over & half a heart

Okay fine Nicks she was my ex. I left her okay it's the past it doesnt matter why do you care about her anyway?

I don't liam..just since you feel it's not important why did you lie to me?

because what happend betweeen us you were supposed to know!!

Why not Liam ...Huh why???

because you just aren't!

Liam she told me you..that you played her.She told me not to trust you and Harry said it wwas true. Zayn said that you're just going to use me. Is it true? Dont lie to me liam please dont,she said as a tear came out her eye.

Y-yes its true..but i really do  love you i wont use you..i did use Abigal,but're different..I really love you.

liam i wish i could trust you.but after you just attempted to lie to me in my face..i dont know if i should trust you or believe the wordds coming out of your mouth she cried.

Baby please dont leave me i can't live without you i cried.

L-Liam i love you i really do..but I just..I can't right now. I have heard tooo much today to just accept your apology..But Liam I'm just going to leave. I I love you Liam she cried and kissed me before leaving out my house.

That son of a bitch Zayn he ruined my relationship..I loved her.I quickly ran out towards her.


She stopped and looked at me. Tears were streaming down her face.

I love you that's why I'm going to let you go..but here keep this as a reminder of me and when you ready to be with me again..I'll be waiting i said and put my sweater around her shoulders. I love you i said and hugged her.Then i went back to my house and cried for hours. I looked up from my pillow and saw her scarf. Her favorite scarf..the cheetah print one. I picke it up from the ground and hugged it. It had her scent. sweet pea i smiled remebering all her perfume and lotions were sweet pea. I will get you back Nicole..and I will show you how much i love you i thought and fell asleep with her scarf in my arms.


Nicole's home and POV


He gave me his sweater and it had his scent still lingered on it. I remembered the day when i left with him because Ashton caught us in like a ''situation'' and did not look well. I laughed..hey liam remember whe...i said the stopped. We broke up i remembered then broke down in tears. His sweater was the only thing i have left of him. I let him go i thought and cried even more.


One week later


Liams POV

*busy writing a song* (btw i dont know which boy wrote which song so in this story Liam is going to write happily) (see what i did when he gave her his swaeter (; lol)

So your friends been (when he says been <33) telling me you've been sleeping with my sweater and that you cant stop missing me i bet my friends been telling you im not doing much better cause im missing half of me and being here without you is like im waking up to only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite im walking round' with just one shoe im half a heart without you im half a man at best with half an arrow in my chest i miss everything we do im half a heart without you forget all we said that night no it doesn't even matter cause we both got split in two if you could spare an hour or so we'll go for lunch down by the river we could really talk it through.
Im almost done and when I'm done I'm going to record it and send it to Nicole..its how i feel without her with me..I'm half a heart without her



hope yall like plus half a heart made me cry the first time i heard it ist so touching i love it ohh and so like this boy i know asked me to send him a pic of me and i said i dont look nice and my hair is messy and he said idm (it doesnt matter) you always look pretty <333 (: :** lol hope yall like it my loooves cx



-Louis' Love <333






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