Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


10. chapter 8

After Liam sang i wa sblown away He's an amazing singer!

you should audition i said and pecked his lips.


yes i would support you all the way babe.

Thats great because...they're holding auditions and..

and what?

and....i was going to ask you to come with me?


I mean you dont have to its just that i would really miss you and...

I know Liam but its just that i dont want to leave school for a long time.

Its fine I'll audition next year during the summer?

You would really wait a whole year just for me?

Well yea your my everything babe....I-I love you!

Ohh my god he just said he loved me i thought.

i smiled and replied,I love You Too Liam....more than you'll ever know i said and kissed him.

liam i asked.


I never asked you this how old are you?

ohh haha im 16 what about you love?


Wait arent you mezican?

yea why?

because i thought yall were supposed to have a quinceneria or am i wrong.

Oh that well i was  but i only saved half of the money needed and my brother can help cuz he hahs to pay bills and etc.

oh so your  not having one?

no i'm probably just gonna thrrow a party and invite some friends.

ohh okay.

yea...hey wanna play truth or dare?

sure just us or u want me to invite the guys?

if you want you can call harry and marie.

sure i'll call them.Harry said he's coming over with marie and a friends.

A friend?

yea he wouldnt say who.

ohh okay

*truth or dare*

Liams POV


i heard the doorbell ring so i got up and opened it.

Hey mate Harry said.

Hey wheres marie and your friends.

The fabulous diva is here Marie yelled and jumped from behind Harry.

haha hey diva,where are your friends Harry?

Here they are,Liam thats Zayn.

Why would he invite that asshole i thought.My baby hsd a bad day so im going to get along with him just  for her.

Hi,Im liam i said and reached out to shake his hand.

''Zayn he said.

Well come in, Nicks in the livingroom i said.

When Nicole saw Zayn her eyes widened. She seemed...Scared. Why?

umm...can i have a drink zayn asked.

Uhh..yea theyre in the fridge i said and le him to the kitchen.


zayn POV

I folled Liam to the kitchen.I can't stand that fool,he was always so bossy and a whiny little bitch.Liam brooke the silence by asking what i was doing here?

Harry invited me,Why?

Because..we dont like eachother so you shouldnt be in my house.

Why not huh?

Because you're a total jerk and have no heart!

woah listen here...if it werent for me That princess of yours could of been rap,I think you owe me some respect i spat.

I dont give respect to people who betrayed me.

Shut up i said and left.


Nicole POV

Zayn walked out the kitchen with Liam trailing behind. Liam sat on one side of me and zayn sat on the other. Why did Marie sit over there i thought.

okay so how are we gonna do this Harrry asked.

Me first Zayn said.

Okay liam.

Truth liam said.

Okay is it true that you sle[t with my girlfriend yesterday?

What you slept with some other girl while yu were dating me,I stood up.

No he's lying he doesnt have a girlfriend she died a month ago!!


Zayn POV

No he's lying hi girlfriend died a month ago.Liam yelled.

i got mad how dare he talk about my baby!

You bitch,dont you think its hard on me,what if your girlfriend died and i  just brought it up?

Im sorry i dint mean to say it out loud it just...


I have to check if he's okay liam said.

No! I'll go i doubt he wants to see you right now Nicole said and went outside.

Nicole POV

I went out side and saw Zayn by the car smoking.

Thats not good for you i said

It relaxes me,and what are you doing here shouldnt you be with you boyfriend?

Yes but...but i wanted to make sure you were okay.

Why would you care he  huffed.

I walked to him and took the cigarette out his hand.Then i dropped it on the floor and stepped on it.Theyre bad for you i repeated myslef.

stop,Shut tp zayn said.

Why? They're drugs and grugs are bad!

I know Julie i know theyre bad.

Julie? Who's Julie?

J-Julie.she was my girlfrined...i thought she was the one until we were walking together and this gnag walked to us and killed her.


He thought i was someone else and killed her.

and why is this related to Liam?

Be-Because That was Liam's gang.

What no Liam couldnt have been in a gang he's to sweet!

Ohh  but he was and that nice boy act is a trap so he can get in your pants and then throw you away.That was he does,Zayn said.

No Liam said he loved me!

He loves all his victims until he gets in their pants the that ''love'' of his will disapear! zayn said stepping closeer to me. H's just going to use you but I wont he smirked and started kissing my neck.

I should push him away i thought but i enjoyed it.I know i shouldnt but it felt right.He trailed kisses up my neck and captured my lips.I dont know why but i kissed back.He pulled away and looked into my eyes. He got my phone and typed in his number.Call me he winked then left.

Nicole! i heard Liam yell.

Damn i hope he didt see that i thought.

Where he go he asked

I dont know he left.

Oh what he say?

He said that He was just in a bad mood so he came up with that  lie of you sleeping wth his girlfriend,i replie. I didnt tell Liam the truth because i wanted to find out the truth and then ask him and if he lied to then i wouldnt be able to trust him.



soooooo is Zayn telling the truth and what do you think will happen next between Zayn and  Nicole.Is Liam in gang is he using Nicole???





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