Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


9. chapter 7

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!! Ashton yelled. I quickly got up and pulled on my pjs. W-w-we.i stuttered.

She wanst feeling good so i brought her home and tryed to help her change her pants. She fell and landed on me liam explained.

Who the hell are you? ashton asked.

Im Liam Liam Payne and im Nicki's boyfriend


Yes boyfriend and my baby isnt well and sure as hell doesnt need her brother yelling at her i yelled at him.

get out of my house and nicks your grounded for 2 weeks.

I'm not leaving cuz my baby needs me i said as he walked out.

right when he left Nicki started crying. Why does everyone hate me today? first i almkst et rapped and then i et saved and the my ''savior'' just pushes by me. I hate my life!!,Nicki yelled.

Hey babe you wanna stay with me?

Can i?

Of course babe,here let me pack for you,you just sit there

I got a bag from the side of her bed and started to look fro clothes for her. I packed 2 outfits and shoes that will match. I packed her tooth brush and hair bursh Then i went to her Udergarment drawer and packed some of her undies and bras.

I got everything i said and handed her her bag.

Liam you forgot something.


My makeup bag she said and got it.

You dont need it thats why i left it

If i dont jave makeup i look....UGH!

you never look ugh i smiled.

You are a wondeful liar she chuckled.

i helped her to my car ignoring her brothers demands telling Nicki to get back in the house.

When we arrived to my house i made her some cinnamon spice tea and we watched the XFactor.

you know...i want to try out for the XFactor i said.

Can you sing?

You tell me i said and started singing.

(a/n i know thsi is a 1D song but i had to come up with something real quick)

''So your friends been telling me you've been sleeping with my swaeter and that you cant stop missing bet my friend be telling you im not doing much better cuz im missing half of and being here without you is like im waking up to only half a blue sky kinda there but not uite im walking around with just one shoe im half a heart withpout  you im half a man at best with half a narrow in my chest i miss everything we do im half a heart withou you'' he sang.


that was...beautiful i said and hugged him. You should audition i said and pecked his lips. He smiled and nodded cx.


A/N so yea i update and ps i love half a heart my fave and happily and dont forget where you belong and little white lies and strong and you & I lol i texted my friend some lyrics of strong and he said ''staph they're getting to me'' lol he dont like 1D thats how wonderful my babies are <333 muah love one direction they're my everything :**

ohh whats ur fave song fom the new album?cx

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