Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


6. chapter 6

liam can i tell you something i asked. of course nicki whats up. Promise you wont laugh. i Liam James Payne promise he smiled. Well you were myfirstkiss,i said quickly Liams POV well you were myfirstkiss she said. I stepped on the brakes and the car made screeching sound. How was i her first kiss shes beautiful and i was her first kiss. Ughhh this is so embarasing she huffed. no its not I really like that i was your first kiss i smiled. and my first ever boyfriend she chuckled. I feel special I chuckled. Thats cause you are she said and grabbed my hand. I started the car and kept driving to school. Youre pretty special too i said and kissed her hand once we arrived. I got out the car and opened the door for nikki. We walked to our lockers which were not that far from eachother. I left her at her locker and went to mine. I was putting my books in when harry walked towards me. Hey Liam he said. hey harry whats up. nothing much are you and Nikki dating? Yes were a couple and your probably the first to know why i asked. Well cause marie noticed and she asked me to tell you,and i quote "tell liam if hes dating nikki he better not hurt her because if he does i will KILL him" oh wow i wont hurt her i really like her. And i dont want to die i laughed. Haha okay ill tell her that liam bye i bette leave you two alone he said and left. I turned around and saw nikki coming towards me. What harry say she asked. oh nonthing just that he said marie aid that if i hurt you she will kill me i said pretending to slice my throat. Oh my gosh that girl she chuckled. Yea well we better get to class i said. Yea see you in second period she sid and we walked different directions. Nikki POV I was walkig to class when someone pulled me into the janitors closet and pushed me up against the wall. Hello love the guy smirked. I'm louis and whats your name he smirked. None of your god damn business now get off you asshole. I dont want to he said and sucked on my neck. G-get off now i have a boyfriend. leave me alone pls stop i cryed. his hands traveled down to my breast and he squuezed them. I really wnat to get into your pants he said and moved his hands lower and un zipped my jeans. so this is how im going to loose my virginity i thought. No please stop i said but he didnt. HELP SOMEBODY HELP ME i yelled.I then felt Louis pulled off me and i saw Zayn punching him. You need to leave her alone and never come near or touch her again he yelled and punched louis in the face one last time. Zayn helped me up and i couldnt stop crying. Shh please stop crying he said and rubbed my back. *riiing* the school bell rand indicatng first period was over. I was crying for almost and hour i thought. T-thank you i said. we got up nd zayn pushed past me and i fell back down. I saw marie and quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to fix my makeup. Marie POV I sw marie run to the bathroom and it looked like she was crying. What did Liam do i thought. I walked to Liams class and went off on him. What the hell did you do t her i yelled. What who what are you talking about he said. What did you do to Nicole i yelled. I didnt do anything why whats wrong he said. You mean you ddint do anthing i said calming down. Yes where is she is she okay he asked. shes in the bathroom she was cring i said and rushed to the bathroom qwith laim on my trail. i enetered and her whimpering from one of the stalls. Nikki is that you I asked. The whimpers turned into cries and i knew it was her. g-G-go away she cried. No whats wrong me and liam are worried what happened. I want to see liam she criend. i groaned and went to get Liam. she wont stop crying and wants to see you i said. But laim you cant go into the girls bathroom i said. my baby needs ,me so i dont care im going in there he said and enetered. liam pOV I entered the restroom and called her name. Nikki,Nikki baby where are you i asked. The bathroom stall door opened and she popped her tear and makeup stained face. L-L-liam she craoked. Shh dont cry i said and engulfed her in a hug. What happened i asked. He...he tryed to rape me she said and burst out crying again. anger rushed through me. who i asked. i dont know but he said his name was Louis she said i little calmed down. That son of a bitch i said under my breath. What he do i asked. She looked down and pointed to her neck. she had a redish mark on her neck and she flinched when i touched it. D-did he rape you i asked. she shock her head no. someone saved me she said under her breath. Who i asked i was so confused. Z-zayn she said and looked at me. Oh was all i said. Zyn ad me we have a past and we dont like each other. We used to be best friends until he stole the girls of my dream. Are you mad......? after a minute of not answering she said Liam answer me please. no baby im not mad at you i could never be mad at you i said snd leaned in to kiss her. Cmon im going to take you home your a little warm and i wouldnt want you to get sick i said and hlped her up. I hugged her and helped her to my car. I dro e to her house and realized her brother wasnt there. Hey wheres your brother i asked. I really dont know she shrugged and got out. I got out too and walked to hr door. she unlocked it and let me in. she went upstairs and took out her pjs. She was clearly tired cause she kept dropping her clothes. I went up to her and helped her take off her jeans. She didnt mi nd so i kept pulling them off. I had trouble taking them off because they were so tight. How do you put these on i said. she laughed aand tryed to pull her foot out. I got up and held her so she could take them off herself. She pulled one leg out and tripped. We fell on the floor with her on top of me. All of a sudden her brother burst through the room. Ashton POV i came home and saw Nikkis backpack downstairs. i went upstairs and burst through her room. Nicole why are you not at... i stopped myself and went to pull nikki off of liam. I was furious. You would to if you saw your baby sister on tope of a guy with no pants. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON,yelled?!!! A/N hope yall liked this one i know i havent uopdated in a long time but i made another fan fic please read that one too anyways i made tgis one extra long and should i add some like mature content or is it fin the way it is? idk so i will TRY to update twice orthree times a wekk. keyword:TRY hope it was good (: xx
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