Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


4. Chapter 4

After school Liam and I walked home. Hey Liam what you wanna do when we get to my house I asked. I don't whatever what do you want to do Liam said. Well I want to bake a cake I said smiling. Okay let's bake a cake Liam said. Liam I'm tired of walking I whined. We're almost to your house Nicki I think you'll survive. No I can't I said and jumped on Liam's back. Onward my friend I yelled. Liam laughed and kept walking. Oh gosh Nicki you weigh a ton. No I don't I said and jumped off. I'm kidding Nicki he laughed. Get back on he said pointing at his back. Nuh uh I said. Why he asked. Because I don't want I crush you cuz I'm too heavy I said seriously. How

muvh do you weigh he asked. Umm..erm..I weight 137 lbs. You don't weigh a lot love he said. Oh my god he called me love I thought. Okay I said and jumped on his back let's go. Love you know were already her right? Yes I do that's why your taking me to the kitchen LiLi I said. Here I said handing him he key. Once we entered the kitchen and finished baking the cake. I threw some flour at Liam's face and started laughing. You think this is funny huh he said. I nodded my head. Yea it maybe funny but this is hilarious Liam said cracking an egg on my head. He did not just do that I thougt. I started to fake cry but made sure it looked realistic. Oh my gosh Nicki are you okay I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm so so sorry. He said followed by more and more apologies. I got up and laughed. Haha got you I said. Okay you got me now help me up he said. I grabber his hand and he pulled me down on top of him


Liams POV


I pulled Nicki Down on top of me and I leaned in. She was leaning in too when the door swung open and he quickly got off me. Hey Nicki I'm nick who's this the guy asked. Oh hey Ash this is Liam my friend. Liam this is my brother Ashton she said. Oh hey Ashton I said. Hey well nicks I'm going to a business trip for a few days and I came home to pack my clothes. I leave in about a hour. Okay Ash were gonna pick this up and then were gonna watch a movie Nicki said. Okay baby sis Aston said back. Umm Liam can you help me Ashton asked. Uh sure I'll be back Nicki I said and followed Ashton out the kitchen. Liam I don't want you to break my Baby sisters heart because if you do I will kill you Ashton said seriously. But do you like Nicole Ashton asked. Umm I don't know kind of I mean yes I really like her. Oh ok I like you you seem like a nice guy so I won't have a problem with you. Thank you so much I promise I won't hurt her I said and entered the kitchen. Your done I asked shocked. Well yea you guys were talking for quite a while what were y'all talking about Nicole asked. Oh nothing just guy stuff. Oh ok let's watch a movie. We watched batman and half way through the movie I felt Nicole move. No leave me alone stop I hate you it's all my fault I should have die not them she said in tear. She was having a bad dream. Nicki wake up stop crying I said. She finally woke up and started crying even more. L-l-Liam it hurts it's my fault he said in tears. What wrong love I asked wiping her tears. My parents it's my fault they died she said breaking out in tears. It's not your fault love I said. It happened for a reason. God took them away for a reason not just to hurt you or anyone but he knows you can survive without them because you will see them when your time is up I said. She smiled at me the asked me to carry her to her room. I picked her up and went upstairs. I laided her in her bed and kissed her forehead. Liam wait she said. I looked at her and then found myself leaning in. She leaned in too and we kissed. It was like no

kiss I ever had before. There were fireworks everywhere. 


Nickis POV

je kissed me. It was an amazing kiss. I felt so

many fireworks everywhere. The bet kiss I ever had. 

We pulled away and he kissed my hand. Good night babe he said and left.




i am so so so so so sorry I haven't updated but I have so much homework to do dtupid school. -.- but hope you like it :) I need more ideas I'm writers block so can someone comment and ideas pls ;* I'm going to try to update atleast 2 or 3 times a week. Ohh and I wanna know who you ship Larry or Elounor. I ship LARRY and I'm proud of it hehe <3. And omg the new album midnight memories is out soon ahhh can't wait and that song Diana I love it <3  

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