Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up and quickly got dressed. Liam was going to pick me up today and i didnt wanna have him waiting till i was ready. After i was dressed i went downstairs. I found a note on the table. I had to leave to work earlier, I'll be home around seven. See you,Ash. i quickly ate and waited for liam to get here. Not long after I heard a knock. I got up and opened the door. Hey Nicki,Liam said. Hi LiLi. You ready he asked. Yea let me just get my bag and we can leave. I grabed my bag and locked the door. Who do you live with,Liam asked. With my brother,Ashton.  we got in the car and he drove to the school. I dont know how to drive i said. You never learned,Liam asked. Nope,and my brother doesnt want to teach me. Want me to teach you? Oh my god yes could you please? Haha yea of coure I'll teach you. Thank you so much LiLi! Welcome Nicki when you want to start. Can you after school? I dont know I'll have to make sure my mom dosn't have plans. Oh ok just let me know. Ok. Wheres Marie? She's probably with Harry Liam said. oh ok,are they like datingi asked. Does that answer yur question liam said pointing at Harry and Marie kissing. I hope I'm not interrupting I said when I reached them. Can't you see we're busy Harry said. I hope you don't I'm going to steal Marie away from you for a moment I said and grabbed Marie's wrist. Bye babe ill miss you she said. Ill miss you too babe Harry said. So what you want Marie said. Y'all two together I asked. Yea he asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday after the movies. Oh about movies what happened between you and Liam last night? Oh well we watched the movie and he caught me starring at him and he asked why so I told him I think he's beautiful and then he called me beautiful then he picked me up this morning. Oh my god he likes you! No he can't like me I'm not pretty. Nicki your gorgeous and of course he likes you. Aww thanks. Now lets go back I miss my baby Marie said. We walked back towards Harry and saw him with another boy. Oh hi babe harry said after seeing Marie. These are my friend Zayn he said. Zayn this is my girlfriend Marie and that's her friendNicole. Hey I smiled. He glared at me and then left. I turned my attention to Liam and saw him looking at Zayn. What's up I asked. Oh nothing just that Zayn guy...we don't really get along well. Oh so my brothers working late today do you wanna like go out and hang or something. I don't wanna be alone and bored I said. Sure he said.  


A/N sorry if this one sucked I didn't really have an ideas. I had a great idea and I wrote it but then my computer turned off and I lost my inspiration. <3 

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