Trouble Maker

Two years after Nicole's parents died she and her brother,Ashton decided to moved to the UK. On her first day of school she starts getting bullied by a guy and his friend and this other guy is stalking her and trying to get her whenever possible. The bully finds outs and this causes trouble between him,her brother,her,and the stalker.


2. Chapter 2

Nicole wake up my brother yelled. I'm awake I yelled back. I quickly got out of bed and got dressed for school. When I was ready I of my bag and headed downstairs. I saw Ashton putting his dirty plate in the sink. You hungry he asked. No not really I replied. Want me to drive you there he asked. If you want I don't mind walking I said. He got his car keys as I followed him outside. I hopped in the car and he started the engine. We were at the school shortly. Have a great day and no boyfriends Ashton said. I giggled bye Ash I said walking in the school. I went to the office to get my schedule. Hi Im Nicole I'm new here I said. Oh ok what's your last name the lady asked. Irwin I said. Oh Nicole she said. Here's your scheduleI'll have someone come help you get to class she said. I waited for a few minutes when a guy came in. Umm ma'am he asked. Oh hi hun I need you to escort her to class then you can go back to your class she smiled at him. He nodded and looked at me. I got up and walke over to him. Here's my schedule I said handing him the schedule. He smiled before taking it. Ohh we have first period together he smiled. He started walking to the class. I'm Liam he said. Nicole I smiled. I like that name,Ni..cole he chuckled. Yea I said. So this is first period he said. I looked at the door. Room 204. He opened the door and explained to the teacher who I was. He then went and sat down joining the conversation with his friends. Ok Nicole you could sit with Liam's group if you want. I nodded and went and sat next to Liam. Hey Nicole this is Marie he said pointing at the girl next to him. Hi I waved. Hey! she said. We all got along very well. I'm glad I at least have some friends I thought. When it was lunch time I got my food and sat with Liam. Hey Nicole I was going to the movies today you wanna come he asked. Sure who else is going I asked. Oh Marie and our other friend Harry. I nodded. A few minutes later Marie came with a guy who I thought 

  was Harry. He was so handsome but not someone I would date. Someone like Liam was more   my type. Hi Harry smiled. Hey he said and looked at Marie. Oh Harry this is Nicole she's new  she said. Oh ok hi Nicole he smiled showing his dimples. Your dimples there so deep and cute I said. You like my dimples he laughed. Did I say that out loud I said. Yea Liam said laughing. It's not funny I said slapping his arm. It kinda is he said still laughing. Can I touch your dimple I asked Harry. He chuckled but nodded. I leaned towards him and put my finger in his dimple. I've never met anyone with dimples like that I said. He smiled and said I'm special in the only one it the entire world with amazing cute dimples like these he said chucking. I giggled. Harry Marie called. Yea he asked. Me and Liam are going to the movies today wanna come she asked. Sure he said. Hey Harry come over here a guy with a black quid said. I'll be back harry said and got up and left. So Nicole you wanna come along. I nodded and looked at Liam. LiLi I said. Who's that he asked. You I chuckled your new nickname or you like Liam better. No I like LiLi he smiled. I smiled and nodded. School ended and Liam and I walked home together. His house  was a but closer so I had to walk home alone for a while. I texted Ash and told him I was almost  there and I was going out when I bumped into someone. I'm sorry I didn't see you I said. What  the hell is wrong with you he yelled. Watch we're your going next time but h eh spat and then walked away. I realized that was the guy that called Harry over at lunch. I quickly walked home and found a note on the kitchen counter. "Nicole I have to work late today so I won't be home till later hope you had a great first day X Ash" I smiled and went upstairs to get dressed for tonight. I got a text from Liam. Hey ill pick you up at six. I typed back ok see you then. When it was six there was a knock. I went downstairs and opened the door. Hey LiLi I said. I locked the door and stepped outside. We walked to the car and I hopped in the car. So what movie we watching. Well we were all gonna watch catching fire but Marie wants to watch another movie. Oh I said. What movie you wanna watch he asked. I wanna watch catching fire I said. He  chuckled. Ok text Marie and tell her you and me are watching catching fire and if she doesn't wanna watch it then she can go watch another movie with Harry. I texted exactly what Liam  said and pressed send. I few minutes later I got a text back. Liam she said ok ill watch some other movie with Harry. Oh ok. We got to the theater and we bought our tickets and food. We watched the movie and every time I would take quick glances at Liam. He's so beautiful I thought. What you looking at he said snapping me out of my thoughts. Oh nothing I said turning my attention back to the movie. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up and out of the theater. C'mon nicki tell me what you were looking thinking he said. Fine but don't laugh I said. I was looking at you and thinking about how beautiful you are I said. He smiled. You think I'm beautiful he asked. I nodded. I think your beautiful too nicki he said. I blushed. Lets go home he asked. I nodded. He dropped me off at my house but before I got out he pecked my cheek  Night Nicki if you want I can pick you up tomorrow he asked. If you want I said you don't have to though. He nodded ill pick you up at eight he said a left. I went inside and saw Ash on the couch watching tv. Who were you with he asked  a friend his name is Liam I said. Then I went up stairs  I fell asleep with Liam in my mind. 

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