Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


10. The Text

Then I read a text that made me start crying.


"What's wrong Ty?" Carley asked me. I just handed her my phone. She just hugged me as soon as she read it. After that she said, "you wanna go see him?" 

"Y-yes." I answered.

Ok here's the deal... I got a text from Niall saying that Liam got hurt really badly and he was in the hospital. I'm not sure from what but it worries me. That's the reason I'm crying.


~~~~At the hospital~~~~~

When we get there Niall is sitting in the waiting room.

"They found him laying on the ground by the park, they also said it looked like he got beat up," Niall said. I just started crying even harder. I wonder who would do that to him! 

"Who would do that to him?" Nicole asked. 

"I have no clue!" He answered. Then that one question started something between them. They started talking about how and who would've done it. Then when we were told Liam would be able to go home the next morning they started to get to know each other.


~~~~~ Liams P.O.V.~~~~~ 

 Ok well I'm laying here in this hospital bed. It is so uncomfortable! I hate it! I don't even know who beat me up but I have a pretty good idea. Louis. Louis Tomlinson. He didn't like the fact I was dating his sister. But he must've knocked me out cold because last I remember is I was starting to fight back and then I fell to the ground. 

"You'll be free to go in the morning!" The nurse told me.

"Thank you!" I replied to her. I wonder where Ty is right now.


~~~~~Ty's P.O.V.~~~~~

We ended up staying at the hospital all night. I can't wait to see Liam! I hope he's fine. The whole night Niall and Nicole were talking. They're hitting it off really well! I'm so happy for her! I'm happy I have Carley here for me. I'm torn right now but I'm extremely happy that Liam gets out of the hospital I'm a couple hours.

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