Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


7. The Breakup

~~~~Liam's P.O.V~~~~


No I can't just break up with her I finally have the girl of my dreams and she is forced away from me.. How can the possibly happen? Will she cry? Will she have any emotion at all?

Here she comes....

"Hey Ty!" Jacob said.

"What are y'all doin?" Ty said. She sounded like she was tryin to figure out what happened between me and Jacob.

"Oh we just got done talking," I quickly, probably making her any more suspicious 

"Cool what we're y'all talking about?"

"Oh nothing important, well I better get going!" Liam said.

"Okay! i'll see you tomorrow! Wait before you go!" She said and ran up to me and gave me a hug.

I felt special for once in my geeky life to someone other than my mom..

~~~~Ty's P.O.V~~~~

Liam is so cute. I just wonder why he was acting so weird after he talked to Jake. Oh well I guess if he said it wasn't important, then it probably wasn't.

"Hey guys!" I said as I walked to the table where everyone was sitting. I also noticed that Micah was the only guy tonight. Haha loser your the loner tonight! Just kidding bro! I love you!! 

"HEY!!" Nicole screamed because she just had a cappuccino with sugar. Everybody else kinda said Hey! in an echo to her. It was very strange, but they were tired because the girls just got out of Volleyball and cheerleading for Nicole. Oh yeah and Micah got out of football.

"So what's up, Ty?" Micah asked me.

"Oh you know, life." 

"Please tell more! You gave us so much detail, that I want to hear more!" Carley said

"Wow, dude just be that way! See ya'll later!" I said dramatically, and turned to the door, like I was gonna leave. But I haven't had my cappuccino yet, so there wasn't a fat chance i was gonna leave.

"I' sowwy Ty please come back!!" Carley said in her best little kid voice. It was so cute!! I can't say no now... darn cuteness.

"Okay, okay just stop with the baby voice."


"Wow Carley! Your just too loveable! Nobody can hate you!"

"Um.. I can tell you otherwise."

"Ok Brooke but she can go trip on a Lego." We all dislike her so much because she starts all of the rumors about us, especially if you have a best friend that is a guy she will say your dating him. "She's just jealous because your prettier than she is, and she doesn't have a guy that is as close to her as Jake is to us. Don't ever listen to her!" I told her.

"I know! I know! I wasn't ever going to listen to her!"

"Okay just making sure!"

"So how ya been?" Nicole said.

"Good and you?" I answered. 

"I'm awesome!!"

"I thought you seemed a little happier than usually."

"Really? I didn't think it showed all that much!"

"Yup! So where's Jake?"

"Oh he was just going to get Blake!"

"Oh ok!"

Then Liam walked up to me and asked me if we could go outside and talk. I told him we could and we walked outside. When we got there I asked him, "So what do you need to talk about?"

"Well Ty... I.. I..." He said.

"What is it Liam?"

"I.. I think we need to break up... I'm so sorry Ty... bet I think it's for the best..."

"I... I understand..." I try to smile bits it just won't come.

"Thank you for understanding Ty... Well I should be going now..."

"Ok... see you around..."

I sat outside for a while and Jake and Blake pulled up, and walked up to me.

"What's wrong Ty?" Jake and Blake asked me at the same time.


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