Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


14. My Sister Comes Home

The morning of Jake and I's date I woke up late and had to hurry and get things done, like do laundry, wash dishes, and my sister was coming home from college. I needed to get that done before my date. Then while I was doing all of this I started overthinking, which as everyone knows ruins a lot of things. I started thinking about Jake and i's friendship. And what if we tried to date and ended breaking up and we didn't have a friendship afterwards. I'm worried about that... Then my sister walks in quietly and sneaks up behind me and technically yell in my ear saying, "Hi Tyger!!!!"

At first I jumped but then turned around and attacked her with a huge hug. "I missed you! I thought you were supposed to be here later?"

"Well I decided I wanted to surprise everyone so I came early!" She answered. "Well you have anything goin on these days?"

"Actually I have a date tonight." I told her.

"Really? with who?" She asked curiously.


"What!? I knew you end up going out sometime!!!"

"Well you got it right!!!!"

And the rest of the time until the date we sat in the living room talking about all that's happened. Like before tonight, like when I started going out with Liam.

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