Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


11. Monday

Well when I got to school on Monday I wasn't feeling to woopy. I'm still kinda upset about the whole thing that happened to Liam. Then I saw Molleigh talking to a new kid. I walked up to them and introduced myself. "Hi I'm Anthony!" He said. "Nice to meet you! I'm Ty Tomlinson!" I replied. "I'm going to help Anthony out by showing him around the school!" Molleigh said. He seems nice. I like him. And just then I think, they would be adorable together! I hope the talk enough to get to know each other and then he asks her out! I hope and wish! Then I see Niall and Nicole together, looks like they're together now cuz that's what Nicole texted me. That's awesome. Carley and I are loners, neither of us have boyfriends.

~~~~~ a two weeks later~~~~~ Now Molleigh and Anthony are close to being together! He asked me if it was ok with me for him to date her. Of course I said yes. I wonder if he asked Carley? That might be a smart idea even though she will threaten him so he doesn't hurt her. I kinda did, we love her way to much for her to get hurt. 



*****Authors note***** Sorry it's so short! I didn't have enough time to write much! Love y'all!

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