Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


9. Carley's House

When we got to Carley's house, we were talking about how weird guys could be. Like how Liam broke up with me. I wanna know why it happened. Right then i got a call from Wyatt asking if we wanted to go to the movies. Of course we said yes since he was like our little brother and called us sis all the time. I just hate how at school there's this little brat that starts all of these rumors about Carley and I dating either Jake or Wyatt, her name is Brooke. 

When we get to the movies Wyatt was waiting for us there. So was Blake, Nicole, Molleigh, and they all had a thing of popcorn and a cup of pop. 

"What are we watching?" I ask.

"i dont know. What do you want to watch?" Molleigh astks.

"i really dont care." I answer.


~~~~~after the movie~~~~~

when the movies over we all go outside. Then Brooke walks up. I do NOT like her. She makes up rumors all the freaking time!!! 

"What the heck do you want, Brooke?"

"im coming to the movies what does it look like?" She said.

"Well to me usually when your in the same place we are, your usually hitting on Wyatt. And that is NOT acceptable!!" I said.

"Well that's not the reason."

"Whatever." Carley mumbled.

Before Brooke left she waved and winked at Wyatt. "Don't fall for her bro. She's a major slut." I told him.

"I know. I hate her guts! For all anyone cares she can go step on a Lego." Wyatt said.

"Thank you for having common sense!" Carley says.

"Well I have quite a bit of common sense."

Thank you! He at least doesn't fall for that slut! He has sense! 


~~~~~back at Carley's house~~~~~

Everybody except for Wyatt's friends came with us back to Carley's house. We all just hung out there and then I got a text that tore me apart, and made me start crying.


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