Truth or Dare(Liam Payne fan fiction)

It started out as a game and in the end it became so much more.


8. After the Breakup

"​Whats wrong Ty?" Jake and Blake asked me at the same time.

"Well... Well..." I started to say before I started crying even harder. Jake sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulders, trying to comfort me but I'm not sure if it will help. Blake eventually sat down on the other side of me, then his little brother Wyatt walked up with his friends and saw me crying. 

"What's wrong Ty??" He asked. "Guys go on in. I'll be there in a minute."

"Well... Well.. Liam.. broke up with me..." I said. He is the only one I will answer to out of all of the guys out here before I start crying.Wyatt's like my little brother. I tell him everything! I love that kid to death!

"I'm soo sorry sis! Is there anything I can do to help?" He asks.

"No. It's fine." I tell him.

"Well let's get you inside so you don't get sick." Jake said. It's October and already about 45° outside.

"Ok..." I say hesitantly. I just really need a guy beside me now. 

I walk inside and Blake and Wyatt are behind us. Carley, Nicole and Molleigh all scream at the same Time, "What's wrong Ty?!?!"

Jake answers for me, "Liam broke up with her... Carley can I talk to you?"

"Yeah." She answers.

They both walk off and go outside. I wonder what they're talking about? They both walk back in after about 5 minutes of being outside. When Carley walks in her face is bright red.  That's bad. That's REALLY bad. She's mad!!!!! Not good!!

"Carley what's wrong?" Molleigh asks her.

"Nothing" Carley says while shaking her head. Of course that's Carley says nothing's wrong when something is. Carley sees me and her face goes back to a normal color.

"Hey sissy. I love you. Never forget that. Do you wanna stay at my house tonight?" She asks me.

All I do is nod my head yes, and we start walking to her house after I give everyone hugs.

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